multiple dimensions

By Mildred Ang
November 29, 2015
Here it is, a slick, arched doorway to an anticipated breakthrough...
By Jazzlin Taumasina Escovar
November 28, 2015
It's unfortunate for Carl that he's stuck in this version of reality...
By Mark Donley
November 18, 2015
As his spacecraft was swallowed by the dimensional rip on the far side of the moon, Roy said a...
By Steven Soucy
October 25, 2015
Earth's reality has been overtaken by a vast simulation, a vile system of control
By Steven Schneider
October 4, 2015
At this stage of her life, Betty had nothing to lose by doing what the effies asked
By Silas Leavitt
September 28, 2015
You have a machine that can access the entire multiverse. And you want to use it for that?!
By Caleb D Manci
September 19, 2015
First Lieutenant Teeter of the Time Brigade is on a mission to save mankind