Shortlisted Stories

Quantum physics can really fire the imagination! Our flash fiction contest received over 400 entries this year. Thanks to everyone who entered. From the many fantastic stories in this epic-novel-sized volume of writing, we have picked two shortlists.

We are thrilled to present a top ten in the Open and Youth categories. Whether your taste leans to poetic or plot-driven, you'll find something to enjoy.

Our eminent judges are deliberating the awards, and we've collected votes to decide a People's Choice prize. Stand by for the results! Sign up for our newsletter to be sure to hear the outcome. 

By Liam Hogan
November 2, 2015
More than most children, Ana has good reason to worry about what's under her bed
By Andrew Neil Gray
September 23, 2015
What message would you want to send through a wormhole?
By Przemysław Zańko
December 1, 2015
All things considered, The End wasn’t that bad
By Daniel Swindlehurst
November 28, 2015
Once you're in the simulation, there's only one way to check whether it's the real...
By J.E. Bates
November 11, 2015
Tamm might be critically ill, but he has a friend that can get him through
By Stewart C Baker
October 7, 2015
Welcome to the only user manual you'll ever need - in this part of the multiverse, at least
By Tan Xiang Yeow
November 29, 2015
What is a life but a clump of tangled knots, a journey with no definite beginning and no traceable...
By Jesus Chua
November 30, 2015
Despite the possibility of losing Eyla, despite the stigma, despite the threat of war, their first...
By Gunnar De Winter
November 29, 2015
A fugitive for as long as she can remember, Lisa finally has some luck
By Judy Helfrich
December 1, 2015
The nanotherapy goes in. Neural connections come alive, snapping together like impatient fingers. I...
By Lily Turaski
November 24, 2015
It is not the envelopes that decide Lily's fate; it is her choice to observe their contents
By Tara Abrishami
November 29, 2015
The time has finally arrived - we can look for an alternate reality
By Ritika Anandwade
November 29, 2015
When he first laid eyes on her he knew they had an undeniable attraction...
By Lee Yang Peng
November 29, 2015
The top secret military facility in CERN explores frontiers that even science fiction fears to...
By Emma Carlson
October 13, 2015
Some people will do anything to be your friend. And that's ok.
By Daanish Sonawala
December 1, 2015
There's always a universe where things work out
By Khadija Niazi
November 27, 2015
Vincent Reese is having a near death experience, and it isn't anything like they said it would...
By Emily Ramanna
November 30, 2015
"This, my dear, is how we govern. This is how we rule the world."
By Zrylgx
December 1, 2015
Fighting back a shiver, she flicked off the lights. In that instant, she could almost have sworn to...
By Jack Ellert-Beck
November 26, 2015
Her phone beeps. Is this the message from the future Eloise has been waiting for?

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