Shortlisting Panel

Our Quantum Shorts fiction contest in 2013 drew some 500 entries. This panel will be whittling down 2015's entries into shortlists for the judges.

Michael Brooks

Michael, who holds a PhD in quantum physics, is an advisor to CQT. He works as an author, journalist and broadcaster, and is a consultant at New Scientist and writes a weekly column for the New Statesman. He is the author of At The Edge of Uncertainty, The Secret Anarchy of Science and the bestselling non-fiction title 13 Things That Don't Make Sense. He has published one novel, a quantum thriller entitled Entanglement.

Tania De Rozario

Tania is an artist and writer whose work has been showcased in London, Spain, Amsterdam, Singapore, New York and San Francisco. Tania was the winner of the 2011 NAC-SPH Golden Point Award for English Poetry, and is the author of Tender Delirium (Math Paper Press | 2013), which was shortlisted for the 2014 Singapore Literature Prize. She is currently the writer-in-residence at the Centre for Quantum Technologies, National University of Singapore. She can also be found at

Andrew Doherty

Andrew is a theoretical quantum physicist at the University of Sydney, where he is Associate Professor, and a Chief Investigator at the Centre of Excellence for Engineered Quantum Systems (EQuS). He is recognised internationally for his innovative contributions to theoretical physics. Andrew is one of the pioneers of the field of quantum control and has made seminal contributions to quantum information theory. You can find him on Twitter at @AndrewDohertyQu.

Jenny Hogan

Jenny is passionate about science, a bookworm and the manager of outreach and media relations at the Centre for Quantum Technologies in Singapore. She has led the organisation of the Quantum Shorts contests since they began in 2012. Earlier in life, she studied physics at the University of Cambridge and worked as a science journalist in the UK for publications including Nature and New Scientist.

Spiros Michalakis

Spiros grew up in Greece, solving math puzzles and playing video games with his brothers. After high school, he moved to Boston to study Math and Computer Science at MIT, before coming to sunny California for his PhD in Applied Mathematics at UC Davis. He is now at Caltech, where he splits his time between research on theoretical quantum physics and outreach for the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter. He was a scientific advisor for the film Ant Man and is one of the creators of qCraft for Minecraft, a mod that brings the principles of quantum physics to the Minecraft game.

Jodi Szimanski

Since 2013, Jodi has led the communications team at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) at the University of Waterloo in her role as Senior Communications Manager. With her leadership the team has produced award-winning materials, including a tri-annual newsletter and annual report. Also owner of Straight Edge Communications, Jodi co-authored a book in 2012 with Tom Jenkins, Chairman of the Board at OpenText - Behind the Firewall - Big Data and the Hidden Web: The Path to Enterprise Information Management. She holds a degree from the University of Waterloo in English – Rhetoric and Professional Writing and is also a Communications and Advertising Accredited Professional from the Institute of Communications and Advertising.