Your Grandfather was a Murderer

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Sometimes, when you time travel, implants, false teeth and other organs, limbs or body parts not strictly your own, stay back---- You arrive in 1500 toothless and without heart valves. It’s why so many back then lacked teeth and died so young. (Look at old pictures if you don’t believe me.)
Large breasted, big lipped woman used to the attention of men, find themselves flat and tight mouthed. They are forced to change their very mode of being, becoming spinsters or librarians.
Other times defective parts return. You reach your destination with dangerously enlarged appendix, busted knees, faulty hearts, or a cleft palette.
It was a new glitch for Time Travel Inc. (T&T), as if they really needed another problem. They had already had to solve the damn “butterfly effect” --- that had been a toughie. They hadn’t actually solved it per se. Quantum Physics had come to their rescue. When time tourists returned to radically altered futures, T&T blamed the multi-verse. Patrons were required to sign a release, stating that they fully understood the likelihood of returning to a different dimension, possibly as close to their own as an onion skin, yet as unreachable as the stars.
Besides, the butterfly effect was no longer a significant issue. With so many tourists trampling around in the past, it had become immaterial. A crushed butterfly might change the world. But when species upon species were exterminated, when entire paths of evolution were diverted or thwarted, who could know or mourn what might have been?
Actually it would have been fine if all the tourists had returned to different dimensions, or equally good if they had never returned at all. The trouble was that travelers did return---toothless, flat-chested, thin-lipped and ailing. It made for bad press, very, very bad press. People who might reluctantly, or sometimes eagerly, gamble on never seeing their loved ones again, were loathed to lose, or gain, organs, limbs or teeth. One root canal is bad enough, but to have the same tooth go bad again, this time in 1492, was a real bummer.
Time travel fell to an all time low. Only the broken or desperate would risk it and they usually couldn’t afford it. Business was dead. T&T was going bankrupt. It was the end of the ever changing present.
Or so it seemed, until President John Q. Cythe had a brainstorm. Cythe was not the president of T&T. (Although he was buddies with Travis Beamer, CEO of T&T. Cronyism is an evolutionary constant.)
Cythe was “the” President. He was President of… Well … He had originally been head of the world federation. Then, due to some tourist run amuck in the 1200’s, he had morphed into President of the Western Alliance. Because of a misadventure in 1776, he’d been transformed into Head of The American Federation. And as a result of an unfortunate affair in 1160, he had metamorphosed into President of North America. Now, on account of a drunken party in the 900’s, he was President of Ohio.
Still, Ohio was important. It was where T&T was based. It was one of the few county-states that was fairly cohesive. Even so, prisons were overflowing. Crime rampaged through the streets like bulls in Pamplona.
The country-state would contract with T&T to imprison criminals in the past. Murders, rapists and thieves all obtained a one way ticket back. History was the new Australia!
Streets would become crime free. Prisons could be turned into schools, community centers and museums.
No one noticed that as the reform went into action, crime actually rose. Ancestry has long arms.