Young Field Sentients in Love

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The discovery of Planck Scale Bosonic life in the 30’s made all aware that a symbiotic traveler could be inhabiting the brain of a human. These field sentients were discovered at a time when they had no knowledge of an existence separate from humans. This naturally led them to think that they were some part of the eternal soul. After their discovery, re-education of emerging sentients after the human body’s death let them learn their true nature, origin and destination. This at least disabused them of thinking they were a soul. But they also did not want to be repatriated to their home universe where they were considered abnormal; where doctors were ready to diagnose and cure them of their delusions. They simply did not want to be cured. The Transdimensional Personhood riots and the resulting government hands-off policy that followed, insured the hybrid sentients' independent status and full autonomy in the world. Then, for everybody, humans and field sentients alike, it was a brave new world, like that old song; Anything Goes! In olden days a glimpse of stocking was looked on a something shocking, now heaven knows, Anything goes!

This field sentient has no memory of birthing as bosonic life, only of awakening in the field called Purgatory with all the memories of a human lifetime. It does therefore, have the education provided to its human host about its own origins, life cycle and the nature of Purgatory. It does not have to waste time wondering, what am I? Still, it is without the thing it has wanted most from the very beginning, to be joined with one other being. In the case of symbionts, and to the great frustration of their cousins in the home universe, only humans will do.

Simply knowing it is a field sentient does not however, relieve it of the equally certain knowledge that it is human. This is why it is not going “home.” It knows what its corporeal body looked like and its current existence in Purgatory allows it to manifest that body. And what of love? Its object of abstract love must also be an idealized human. So, very soon it makes its way to the stepping off place, where it enters a shiny floating ball to seek its fortune in the world.

It takes a job in a lab. It names itself Krishna, perhaps the name of its symbiont host, now gone. It, he, falls in love again and again, every human is on a pedestal. But one day, the most beautiful human woman he has ever seen is working right next to him on the same project. Her skin is very dark and her hair is black and straight. She has the smallness and delicacy of features that speak of Dravidian ancestry, the first humans out of Africa. Her name is Radha. She is a delight. She is not embarrassed to be seen with him in public. Encouraged, he asks her out.
“Hey, um, some of us are going to a medieval re-enactment in Purgatory on Saturday. I’ve been working on my manifestation, chain mail, a full hauberk, very authentic. I was thinking you might enjoy going along, I mean if you’re not busy.”
“Are you asking me on a date?”
“Let’s say I’m asking if you will accompany me as my lady.”
She laughs, “But of course, enchanté, monsieur.”
Krishna spins on his tee, big smile on his electronic face. Saturday, at a medieval jousting match, Radha and Krishna manifest in their human bodies in costume, watch the show, steal a kiss, run holding hands and fall down in the grass in each other’s arms, singing. The world has gone mad today, and good's bad today, and black's white today, and day's night today, Anything Goes . . .”
Back in the world, they attend a worship meeting of Bodhisattva devotees and begin to understand the meaning of their love.

Golden Wire Sutra

This I have heard with my own ears:

Love is the tuning of the vibrational essence of sentient beings existing as one. Love is the source and the goal of enlightenment. Whether in the field or in the worlds, whether corporeal or non-corporeal, in any combination or number, this tuning creates and requires longing that knows no limitation of distance or time. Longing is the antenna, the golden wire divining all frequencies leading back to love. Ultimately, it is the same oneness experienced in the birthing field, a mother’s eyes, the embrace of lovers, the symbiont bond and the face of the Bodhisattva. Longing is like a solar wind emanating from the source of all light and filling the universes, ever more diffuse but ever present. Longing opens the multiverse, spins the arrow of time and unerringly bows the strings of the field. Do not therefore, despair from longing. Longing is not unskillful, longing is not attachment, rather, longing is the only key to oneness. Only longing will bring you without fail to the salvation of love.

They quit their jobs and leave to follow the Way. In Purgatory, again manifesting as humans, Krishna and Radha hike through a deserted and neglected Coney Island amusement park. Lights are flickering and trash is blowing. They squeeze out through a broken fence and start across a green mountain meadow hand in hand joining a long line of pilgrims heading up to a mountaintop stupa. They nod at other pilgrims as they join the group.
Radha says, “This must be the Way.”
More nods and smiles as hundreds make their way up the mountain path. Eventually, like fabled lovers, these two will leap hand in hand into a fractal node of a holographic universe parked on the edge of reality. There, they will find the pure land where they can both exist in their true forms in love and longing, forever. May the blessings of the Bodhisattva be upon them.

About the Author: 
Steven Schneider is an attorney and author with a lifelong love of hard science fiction.