You Must Go Alone

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A petite lady sat in the middle of a vast silent turquoise tundra while surrounding herself with glowing red metal parts. Mountain winds bellowed and a dark purple sky hung heavily above her as she worked her way around the metal, hoping to fix whatever problem that was boggling her mind.

"Still in deep shit?" A voice asked. The lady looked behind to see the face of her best friend.

"Su Yin... Pretty much. But we'll get back... Somehow..." The lady replied, trying to reassure both Su and herself. Despite all her efforts to stay calm, trembles escaped into her words and made the atmosphere more tense than it already was.

"Hadi... we can..." Su Yin began only to have her suggestion shot down with a glare from Hadi's dark brown eyes.

"No. Su , you know how much going back matters. We crashed here in who knows what time or space. We can't and don't belong here. As an ex-department head of dimensional control, you should know that... Also... the particle entanglement simulator is recovering with uh... 'progress'... The comet will come... And by my calculations ........."

Before Hadi broke down, Su Yin hit her acupoints, rendering her unconscious as she fell into the tall slender lady's arms. She sighed and took in the view of the silent overwhelming dark purple sky.
"By your calculations... We don't belong anywhere... We ran away for goodness sake. I don't think we have the right to be picky." Picking up the honey-tanned body encased in alloyed metal and green time-ware, Su headed back to the Djori territory further down the turquoise tundra trail.
"Is Hadi alright?" Malomi asked the grey haired Su. She was the chief wife of the West Djorani tribes and the one who had welcomed her to the Djori territories. Her grey paw placed themselves over Hadi's forehead out of concern. Blue feline eyes looked at Su for her answer. Her children stood outside the tent walls trying to have a look at the "humans".

"She's releasing exhaustion inside from the few weeks..." Su replied in incomplete Djorani. This had been going on ever since their Time And Entanglement Controls(TAEC) crashed in an unknown coordinate six months ago. Su could not bear to see Hadi get dejected day by day; her bubbly, confident character shriveling up every time she faced the facts of not going home. They had gambled past, future and alternate forms of themselves only to be subjected to the whims of the universe.

Both of them had escaped the Drafting for an insane war led by insane leaders. A war that had cost them their loved ones and their very universe. The both of them were childhood friends; forced away from their families  by imperial policies. They said it was for the great universe but everything became just a ruined, mad-driven silent realm, canceling out all hope to live. When they heard of the Drafting, it had gone too far from just exploiting their knowledge of the Quantum world. Through the fires of the capital, they chose to get back their 'dead' loved ones in other dimensional outcomes; in the times where sadness was but a memory. With their knowledge, they were going to change history. Their sick history. But who knew that the universe don't give a damn for their plight. Long lost love remain long lost and the long dead remain long dead.

"Su... " Hadi stirred; consciousness slowly returning to her. "We'll return... I just know it... Papa will be there with his  soup and we'll all gag at it... How long has it been since then.... I miss all of them... Why am I but just a random puppet fulfilling this sickening outcome. If this is so, I'd rather not know the insignificance of our lives governed by unpredictable cruel laws."

Su embraced the lady. She didn't want to hear it anymore.

"We can't return..." Su whispered apologetically.

"We can..."

"Have you turned blind? This is a different dimension and we have nothing but broken alloy to restart the particle entanglement for teleportation. Yes, we still have a chance with the Monswar Comet's energy but at what costs? Tearing rifts;even with non-locality; back to our paradise would mean... To rearrange this dimension completely..."

Hadi froze. Every word sinking painfully into her heart.

"What you talking ...?" A small voice asked innocently. The three year old Djoriani prince walked to Su Yin; a small innocent smile upon his face.

"Why..." Hadi was at a loss for words.

Suddenly, a huge blinding light flashed across the entire sky followed by a multitude of colored lights. Su and the others looked outside to see the magnificent array of colours.

"The comet!" Su looked behind only to find Hadi disappeared from her bed.

This was bad.

Su ran with desperation to the turquoise tundra. Wishing that there was still some sense in Hadi, she defied the searing pain that cut deeply into her bones. "Please... please... please!!!!!!"
Despite her wish, the functioning TAEC greeted her.

"We can go home! We..." Hadi shouted feverishly from the machine.

"WHY DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND!" Su screamed. Roaring of engines engulfed the two in a parade of tumultuous emotions.

Hadi looked into the pale brown eyes of her friend; finally noticing the sadness that she had forced upon Su's eyes. All the emotions locked inside escaped uncontrollably through those eyes.

"We can still change our future!!" Hadi shouted.

A weak smile formed as Su tried to face the delirious Hadi.

"If that is so... Then please go alone..." She uttered softly before turning back and running as fast as she could.

Tears ran down her cheeks as the TAEC faded behind here. The war and "advancement" had taken Hadi away... All she had to do was to wait for it to take her and this universe particle by particle. Stifling her last taste of sorrow, she wished all the happiness in this universe for her broken beloved Hadi.

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Frequents Wattpad. Writes historical, mystery and sci fi stories with various cultural aspects. Interested in murder and crime cases like how the RipperMurders are over-Publicized and Andrei Chikatilo.