You Happened!

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“What just happened?” Miran asked warily into his earpiece, as if he didn’t know the consequences of the explosion he just set off.
“You…you just happened,” Roe said, struggling to climb back onto her lab stool. The explosion Miran detonated had sent her flying backward, but Miran had felt none of the effects.
“The blast threw me,” she explained. “Lucky for me, I didn’t break my fall on the thousands of dollars’ worth of science equipment near me.” Paying for that would be an even worse pain than constantly being subjected to whatever idiotic stunt Miran “accidently” attempted.
“That wasn’t supposed to hit you,” he said, “I was nowhere near the blast.”
“You were close enough,” she snapped and in response, an alarm suddenly rang out.
“Oh, Good lord,” she said, pulling herself to her desk. “What did you do this time?”
“There was a Bardoot,” he said, giving her a feeble excuse. “I had to defend myself.” Bardoots were big hunks of animals that looked like hippos, but with smaller legs and half as fast.
“You can outrun a Bardoot and you know it,” she told him. “You just wanted to try out the new X-PLOs.”
“You know me too well.”
She knew he was smiling and she wanted to shoot him. He was so happy with himself and had no idea what those experimental explosives had done. “The link is fragile,” she said, trying to check how much he’d screwed up this time. “How many times do I have to tell you that?”
“Stop being so dramatic. What’s the damage?”
She sat back and looked up at the computer screen. She couldn’t believe what she was seeing. “You idiot!” she gasped out. “The link is fraying.”
“What does that mean?”
“You’ve disrupted the quantum system with that X-PLO and now Decoherence has started and is destroying our entanglement link.”
“What does that mean in English?” he asked again just to annoy her.
“The entanglement link,” she said slowly so he could keep up, “that thing that’s allowing us to travel, that acts as a tether between our world and other universes, it’s fraying thanks to you. If it frays completely you’re going to be stuck in that universe forever.” She snapped out of her stupor and started tapping the buttons feverishly. “Start moving toward the tunnel and I’ll work on trying to get you out.”
He’d been given 12 hours to roam, so there was no telling how far he was from the tunnel that would take him home and how long the link would hold. Things were not looking in his favor. “We need to start thinking about what we’re going to do if the link frays before you make it to the tunnel,” she said. “You won’t be able to travel through the tunnel without that link.”
Roe could hear Miran’s breath quickening as he ran towards the tunnel. “Let’s not think about that,” he said. “Just figure out how to get me out of here without breaking the link.”
“How do you expect me to do that?”
“You’re the smart one, isn’t there some quantum physics solution in that big brain of yours?”
“Don’t you get it? No one understands quantum physics. I barely understand it and I’ve been studying since out of the womb.”
“Do something!”
“What about teleportation?” she said throwing out the first idea that came to her mind.
“No! We can’t do that. Teleporting is just faxing a copy of me to the lab, right? The real me, the me with the entanglement link, would still be here.” Roe hadn’t thought of that and was more than a little surprised that Miran had. “What?” he said, taking in her silence. “You think I wasn’t listening during all of those lectures you put me through.” Then he said, “So either the link frays or the link stays here. That means we wouldn’t be able to travel anymore. I don’t like either of those options.”
He was about to get stuck in an unknown universe and his main priority was whether or not they’d be able to travel anymore, she couldn’t believe it. “We need to get you of there, Miran. We can try to recreate the link later. I’ll start the teleportation sequence.”
“Don’t you dare,” he said, “I can make it.”
“Miran… don’t be an idiot, this is not worth getting lost forever.”
“I can make it!” He repeated, ignoring her completely.
“Miran, no! I’m starting the sequence, just stay there.”
“I can make it! I can make it! Just don’t--” static crackled into Roe’s earpiece cutting Miran off.
“Miran!” Roe screamed into her earpiece while frantically trying to get him back. “Come on, Miran don’t do this to me. Miran!” She waited for a response, and the silence that answered her hit her square in the chest.
He was gone…forever. “No!” she cried “Miran!”
“Quit screaming, I’m here.” The earpiece suddenly came alive with his voice. “I was thinking about it and teleporting and losing the link is feeling like a better plan than being stuck here with the Bardoots for the rest of my life.”
“You didn’t make it, did you?”
“No, I did not,” he said plainly and she laughed, relieved that he was okay. That quickly turned to anger that he had endangered himself yet again. “Do you have any idea what you put me through?” she asked him as she started the teleportation sequence.
“You can tell me all about it when you get me out here!” he said.
“I could leave him,” she murmured. “That would end all my troubles.”
“But then your life would only be half as fun and you know it.”
She didn’t want to agree, but he was right. “Step back,” she told him, and with a smile she was trying to fight and the whir of the machines behind her, she brought him back home.

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Myiesha Speight is a Blogger and Author based in the DC Metropolitan Area.