Where a Body Ends

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In a flash of light I find myself suddenly alone with an eerie silence, but this not not my body and this is definitely not earth. I feel as if I have just awoken from a dream. I lift my arms to examine myself and the movement is accompanied by a metallic whir. I examine my fingers closely, revealing they are made of some type of smooth, light-weight material reinforced at some connections with metal. I slowly open and close my hand as I look around inspecting my surroundings. I see before me a vast expanse of mountains, valleys, and lakes. There is an odd orange glow to the landscape, seemingly due to the dense mist covering the entirety of the sky. The ground is free of any plant life and is a mixture of rocks, boulders and ice. ¨What happened?¨ I think to myself as I continue to examine my smooth unfamiliar limbs. I reach up and delicately feel the hard contours of my face as my memories come back in a flood of what had happened maybe only moments before.
I had been secured inside of a glass chamber pouring with sweat. I was doing my best to control my breathing to avoid panic but it felt useless. I could hear the beeps coming from the scanning machine to my left and the increasing humming emitted by the large power source as it was collecting the energy for the extreme burst required for the ¨event¨.
I recalled three other people in the room, they were colleagues of mine and we had been attempting the first teleportation event on a human subject; me.
¨Power source reaching 60%¨ Markus had announced, focused.
¨Bringing system 2 online at location T1¨ Michelle had added.
¨Beginning quantum scan on subject¨ Craig had said as he watched his monitor intently.
I had felt my heart rate increasing. A few moments later Markus had said ¨Uh, we have a serious problem, there is something wrong with the power current. We can´t gain anymore charge and we can´t hold it at the current level for very long. The backup source is also no use, it seems to have been drained. Is the transfer possible at 60%?!¨
¨That won´t matter, the scan won´t be complete for another two minutes including the data verification.¨ Craig had said raising his voice.
¨We don´t have that kind of time, we have to shut it down!¨ Markus interrupted.
¨No! Focus the scan on the mind impulses, get as much as you can and then start it! Do it without the verification. I am changing system 2´s teleport location to T-12¨ Michelle said tensely but purposefully.
I had inhaled deeply with panic as I comprehended what that meant. They were abandoning the idea of teleporting my entire body. There was nothing I could have done at that point to stop it, the glass was too thick for them to hear me even if I screamed. I had passed the point of no return, my eyes widened and my whole body went rigid with fear.
Craig had been changing parameters desperately and then had said ¨Mind impulse scan complete. No data verification, subject is ready for transfer.¨ as he looked at me one last time with sympathy and guilt.
The last thing I remembered before the light was Michelle yelling to Markus to hit the switch.
It had worked. It was truly astonishing. I was alive, but my body was gone. A disturbing thought arose in my mind. Had Michelle somehow caused the power failure to change the outcome? Had she planned for this to happen? In the trial experiments leading up to mine, the power had never failed.