The unfortunate accident

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As the storm raged on the outside, I carried on with my work.Calculating the probability,chances of 'it' happening.Yes, 'it'.The results were undeniable.The 50-50 chance of a particularly large singularity happening was utterly frightening.This is my 20th time recalculating in a desperate and futile attempt to find a fault with my numbers that the previous 19 tries had missed out.I finally gave up,accepting the numbers.
On the bright side, this is a renowned lab.Made world famous by the large hadron collider which is about 100m below ground level.Our state of the art technology should keep any complications at bay, right? By this time, I was completely unsure of myself. We had already unveiled what we were planning to do to the public.”We will run the particle accelerator in about a month and we hope to find answers and proof of the Higgs-Boson's particle.” The director had announced last month. It was now too late to postpone the date, the accelerator was to start running in 2 hours and the director was keen on impressing the public and blowing the minds of the scientific world.
As I rushed into the director's office, it was clear how confident he was in the accelerator working.The serene smile was a stark contrast to my shocked and most probably terrified face as I warned him of the danger of turning on the accelerator but he was adamant and said he placed his full trust in the LHC. I could not say the same for myself but nonetheless,I trusted the director.
As we injected the Hydrogen particles into the accelerator, we could hear the cheers of the masses and the shouts from the critics and protesters claiming that the magnetic field from the LHC would counteract earth's magnetic field and cause an increase in earthquakes and such. But the hum of the accelerator was strangely soothing and it took my mind off the probability that it would happen. This,sadly only lasted an instance before I was dragged back to the real world in the viewing area.
Only a small beam, roughly a quarter of the size of a pin head could be seen rapidly flashing by,speeding up every round.Through my gritted teeth, I muttered my prayers hoping the experiment would be a success. Just as we were about to make the two beams collide, the speed indicator flashed!The very indicator that showed the particles speed as a percentage of the speed of light, and somehow Einstein's famous formula E=mc2 no longer applied. We had surpassed light speed without expanding an infinite amount of energy. The breakthrough was unprecedented and accompanied by a huge shock. The particles vanished,just as it hit 150%.
Suddenly, the lab started flickering and it was not just the lights. The whole lab became fuzzy; rubble started materialising out of thin air and the lab was tearing itself apart. Bruises and cuts started appearing on my hands and legs followed by a sharp pain in my chests along with a metal spike that started growing out of my chest.The amount of crimson blood dripping to the floor was minuscule in comparison to a dear colleague who was crushed under boulders that formed in mid-air. He and I were not the only people who were injured;colleagues were dropping on the floor with bruises and fractures accompanied by varying levels of pain. No, this was not the outcome i had predicted. This cannot be the end. But images of my life flashed before my eyes as well as memories that had never been made such as the memory of a second set of particles appearing in the LHC out of the blue followed by an explosion. My vision was blurring and my breath became a slow forced wheeze as I spoke my final words,”The black hole would've been better.”...

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