Two Wires

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“How much longer is this gonna take?” Rachel asked. She rubbed her eyes, trying to get the weight of her eyelids to cease. It was half past ten o’clock that night on a Wednesday. The four honor students had decided earlier that week to stay late to finish their science experiment. If they didn’t finish tonight, they’d have to accept an incomplete which was not an option.
“Not much left,” Fred replied, yawning. “Just have to connect these wires and the electrons will move freely in this container.”
“It’s due tomorrow and I don’t think I’ll stay awake for it if I don’t go to sleep soon,” Rachel said with a yawn.
The fluorescent light blinked faintly; there was no other light in the entire school. Maggie shivered, the place gave her the creeps. The electron sensor sparked when Fred touched two wires together, startling the teens. The machine started a perpetual humming.
“There. It works. Now can we go home?” Maggie asked.
“Hang on. Jack, are those two wires right?” Fred asked, examining the mechanics of the invention.
“I’m not exactly sure,” Jack said. He traced over the blue paper carefully, but found no explanation to the question. Fred reached down between the colored wires and moved them. There was a loud popping, like a firecracker letting out more sparks, making the teens jump back. A few feet to the left of the machine a transparent figure formed shakily for a moment and then faded into nothing before their eyes.
“What on earth was that?!” Fred asked.
“I don’t know…it looked like…a ghost to me,” Maggie said hesitantly. They stood frozen, then Fred darted a hand forward to turn off the motor which fluttered to a stop, gently throwing them into another silence.
“Do it again,” Rachel urged.
“Figure out what those wires do, then do it again…except perfect it,” she explained.
“Why? That thing exploded sparks everywhere,” Maggie complained.
“I guess I could backtrack through the steps to find out what it did…” Fred muttered, examining the wiring again.
“Exactly,” Rachel encouraged, “You’re the electrician of the group, you know every wire and circuit of this thing.”
Fred began examining each of the wire’s functions. They watched and waited as the old clock on the wall ticked silently toward less and less sleep that night. Rachel walked around the table to Fred and gave him an encouraging nudge.
“There we go!” he exclaimed after a moment.
“Start it up then,” Rachel urged.
Fred pressed the ‘‘on’’ switch and the motor sputtered to life reluctantly. The whole thing sparked again, causing Maggie to give a little squeal. The transparent figure slowly reappeared, this time much clearer than before. The gang gasped as the figure took the form of a person.
“What the—” Fred breathed.
The figure looked just as surprised as them. It was a girl, and though transparent, they could tell she was about their age. Her hair was a mousy brown done up in a ponytail of stringy curls. Her pale skin was smudged with dirt, and the clothing she wore, a jacket, t-shirt and jeans, was equal in condition.
“Where am I?” she asked frantically.
“Uh…” Fred looked to Rachel for help.
“Who are you?” Rachel asked the girl.
“Emily,” she said hesitantly, “Who are you?”
“I’m Rachel,” she replied. “This is Fred, Maggie, and Jack.”
Emily cocked her head. “Where am I? I’ve never seen anything like this.”
Fred and Rachel exchanged a confused glance. They were in school…it looked like any other from anywhere. Emily reached in her jacket pocket and pulled out a gun as she scanned the room around her.
“Whoa! What’s that for?” Jack exclaimed.
“What? We have to protect ourselves somehow in this revolution,” Emily shrugged.
“Hang on, what revolution?’’ Rachel asked confused.
Emily looked skeptical. “Wait…you really don’t know about the revolution? It’s a worldwide crisis, who could miss that?’’
“What is the ghost talking about?” Maggie asked shakily.
“What do you mean ghost? You’re the ghosts. You and this room…thing…are all transparent!” Emily said.
The gang looked down at themselves, but they were not transparent as far as they could tell. The light overhead began flickering again, this time as if it might just go out.
“Where are you from?” Rachel asked.
Emily cocked her head. “I’m in area 17 of 45, at the front lines for the rebellion against Napoleon Bonaparte VIII.”
“Napoleon?!” The teens exclaimed suddenly.
“You’ve got to be mixed up, Napoleon Bonaparte was defeated at Waterloo,” Jack insisted.
“What? No! Waterloo was Napoleon’s big triumph that enabled him to take over the world,” Emily said insistently.
There was no explanation, though her face showed she was completely convinced that she was right. Fred grabbed his notebook and began scribbling down numbers and calculating some sort of complex equation. Finally he looked up, very bewildered but certain.
“Based on my calculations…both are right,” Fred said slowly.
“What?! How?” Maggie asked.
“The only thing I could come up with combines two things…quantum physics and the multiverse theory,” he explained, turning more towards Emily. “Basically, if the multiverse theory is correct, Emily is from a parallel world. Events in parallel worlds are sometimes different. In her universe, Napoleon wasn’t defeated at Waterloo and he took over the world. Quantum physics explains how we made contact with her.
“See, quantum physics show that, when unobserved, particles tend to act more like waves in an unpredictable manner. Initially, the electrons in Emily’s body have that certain quality, so at some points her particles act more like waves. As a wave, particles can be in more than one place at the same time. So Emily is partially in one parallel universe as well as another. Our machine attracted the electrons in her body somehow, pulling her mostly over the border as an apparition. Guys…quantum physics just explained ghosts.”

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Writing is a large part of my life, I hope to do more in the future and be given good opportunities.