Two morons in a backyard

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- How ?
- I don't know !
- How did you manage to loose a person ? That's the kind of achievement I don't understand ! And I try. Really hard. I can't understand, how a fully trained and experienced operator, displaying a fourth grade insign on his chest, can actually succeed in losing someone. 80 kilos of flesh and bones.
- I don't know what happened ! Everything went right. No alarm. He just did'nt make it through.
- So everything went wrong. The only purpose of all this, is to make them go through. So how do you expect me to sell your 'everything went right' to his family, to the police, to the reporters. Yes I will have to deal with all that crap. So, I need an answer or at least a scapegoat.
- I did my job right...
- No you didn't. The client never reached his destination, you failed !
- There's a fault in the system. Because what happened is impossible.
- Oh ! Now you want me to blame the technology ! A technology nobody understand, not even the two lunatics who designed it 200 years ago ! But a technology that has never failed until today. You want me to go out there and tell to the world that teleportation is no longer safe. I have never expected to leave a legacy, but be sure that I don't want that one.
- If there's something wrong with instant travelling, that's the occasion to fix it !
- Now you're pissing me off. Listen. Two centuries ago, two kids in a back yard were playing with quantum energy. There were trying to duplicate...
- I know the story, everyboby does.
- No, you don't know anything. Otherwise, you wouldn't be speaking nonsense about fixing something nobody understands. We need an answer or somedody to blame. And you're gonna supply either one. Because you're the only one involved, you better start thinking in the right direction. Fast. For now, we are the only one to know that something happened. But in a few hours, somebody, somewhere, will start wondering about him and will start looking for him. Tomorrow morning in the best case you will have to answer some quite embarassing questions about that man who checked in at your booth and never checked out.
- …
- That's the right attitude. So, what do we know about teleportation ?
- As you said 200 years ago two kids in a backyard where trying to duplicate small objects using the quantum theories of entanglement and tunelling. They failed. However, they suceeded in moving the object from its current location to a new and predictible one, without delay. No reverse engeeniring have never been able to explain how it works. But it never failed. Since then, thousands of scientists have been trying to explain how it works.
- Good boy ! So we don't know what happened ! But we can try to offer a theory, plausible enough to take the focus off of you, Bob the operator. Think !
- Maybe the duplication finally worked !
- Going that way, means that you loosed two guys. It's worst.
- No it can work, if there's a referral error occuring at the same time.
- The guy vanished two hours ago. By now, we should already have a rerouting demand to process. So that can't work either.
- Imagine the jumper. First, he's not where he expected to be and most important, his genuine carbon copy is sitting on his lap or lying on the floor. He has other concern than applying for a reroute. Now, they are probably arguing about who is the real guy .
- You talk about it like it's real. That's good. But this story has too many flaws. We need to think like an apple. Let's shift our point of view.
- What do you mean ?
- Instead of trying to make up a story to explain how you loosed a jumper. Let's try to figure what is at stake here. And from that, we will give them what they need, not what we think they need.
- I can see where you're going, and I don't like it.
- I'm trying to help you, so give me a little credit ! Why do we need to explain what happened ?
- To fix it so it doesn't happen again.
- Why do we need to fix it ?
- Because if people know that this can happen, they won't trust the system and they will stop jumping.
- And that means back to travelling like cattle in planes, busses, cars. Yuuuck !!! Nobody wants that.
- I, surely, don't want that. But, as you said earlier, nobody understands teleportation. So nobody can fix it because until now it never failed. It's the first time, the system fails.
- Anyway, we agree that there's nothing to fix and if we don't fix it, it will be a disaster. People will panic. And our entire society who relies on shifting will be in jeopardy. So what can we do with that ?
- I can't see a way out. There's no way out.
- There's always a way out. Sometimes you just can't accept it, so you don't see it ! I can think of a way out. It's not an easy one.
- Enlighten me !
- How do we know that the system never failed ?
- Everybody knows that !
- Exactly ! It's common knowledge. Like, Earth is flat, the Sun is the center of the universe or men can't give birth, all those things were true at a point, until somebody started to question them.
- You mean they've been lying.
Exactly !

The land line rang. Nobody never uses landline, it's there as a backup, in case. Bob and Alice stared at each other, not in a good way.

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I'm 46 year old. I live in a small caribean island called Martinique. I discovered SF in my early teenage year. My first SF book was 'The robot' by I Asimov. I've been writing for over 30 years now. And it's the first time I join a contest.