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My dad decided that right now would be the perfect time to have a mid-life crisis. He did all the cliché things like buying a motor cycle and dating some bimbo who's half his age. It’s almost like he has a check list.
(what can i do to piss off my daughter hmmm o i wonder)
He signed me up for a boarding school across the country, against my constant pleading.
(once they're old enough to dress themselves it's time to ship them away and forget their names)
I can't tell if he still has a conscience or not; that man is really getting on my nerve. He knows what Cindy means to me. She's all I've got. My best friend for life. We are one and the same. We like all the same bands and movies and celebrities and food and activities and everything. No one can replace her.
I've got a flight tomorrow at dawn. I haven't even said goodbye yet...

"It sucks. It really sucks." I blow my hot chocolate which causes bellowing steam to fog up the lenses of my glasses, blinding me for a moment.
"Yeah..." Cindy agrees.
"I'm never going to be able to find a friend like you. Ever. Ugh, my dad is such an idiot." Frustrated tears well in my eyes, making me feel childish.
"Hey, don't cry," she pauses, "I have something to confess."
"Yeah?" I sniffle.
"When I met you I had never had a cappuccino... or any coffee really... I just said that I was 'addicted to them' because you told me that you love Starbuck's." She waits for my reaction.
I stare at her, aghast, "Who even are you?"
"But, now that I've tried them, cappuccinos are the bomb." She pauses again and I know that there is more coming "Same goes for boy bands. And cats. And sushi. Well, I used to HATE sushi."
"No. You don't mean-" My lip quivers, this is the ultimate betrayal.
"Yes," Cindy says, "I do."
"So...Once you found out what I liked, it determined all the things you liked? We--We weren't really twinzies? It wasn't really...fate?" This made me sob and I can't understand why. I just sat there crying
(dying, thinks the melodramatic me)
with an awkwardly guilty Cindy by my side.
“Hey,” She speaks in an attempt of a jovial tone, “Look on the bright side; you’ll definitely be able to find a friend like me at that school.”
This made me sob harder
(o my god i am such a cry-baby)
and my mind wandered to my dad.
And how he’s pushing away the only family he has left
And how he must be such a lonely man, such a sad man.
And how I don’t want to be like him. Correction, how I am not like him.
Because I have a best friend for life. And even though, we aren’t twinzies, she’s still all I’ve got.
And she would be there with me as my world is falling apart, as my dad is tumbling into insanity, and try to put a positive spin on it.
And isn’t that what friends are for?

I stop crying. I dry my eyes with the back of my sleeve.
“Thank you.” I croak through a coarsened throat.
And I smile, for what seems like the first time in forever.

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Thirteen year old with a love of science and words