Tomorrows’ Quantum Special

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Next on quantum living, the show that brings you the eyes of the micro world. We travel with an electron, on its journey from entangled conception to its entanglement with an electron of a neurons. We will follow the view of the electron while it being super-heated causing a quantum entangled pair up, then played party guest to some carbon nucleus. After, we take a ride on the polymer chain to a terrifying world, ending with an interesting friendship with an electron of a neuron.
As the temperature rises, our electron runs away faster and faster, as it looks next to it and sees another electron, they seem to join forces becoming an entangled pair. But this hand holding was not meant to last. As the entangled pair gets batted around to the point of separation. Yet, the electron can still feel the spin tugging at it from its twin. But, alas, it seems these two may never see each other again.
As we fellow our electron into a new space, off in the distance some much larger friends emerge. The new friends and our electron seem drawn to each other, as if positive and negative forces are driving them to pair up. Oh look, a massive carbon nucleus has found our little electron irresistible. Electron is pleased, but it feels a tug from the side, it’s another carbon nucleus pining for its attention. Which will the electron choose? Looks like our nucleus have other plans. They seem to pair with multiple electrons that are paired up with other carbon nucleoli. It looks like this party has gone from a rave to a square dance. As electron swings round one nucleus to another, as if it was a giant band, just passing energy along. Oh wait, it looks like the whole band is traveling. All whiles' the spin of the entangled electrons has not changed. It’s fairly likely this entangled partner is enjoying the pleasure its partner receives.
Traveling with this team can sometimes seem treacherous, as some electrons choose to leave and others are ripped from the loving arms of the nucleus. Even now there are new electrons joining, our electron feels so happy having the extra room to quantum leap. I’m sure if the electrons happy so is the nucleus. But wait, a morning nucleus has our electrons attention. It seems this nucleus has lost some of its electrons. Ripping away some of the nearby electrons. Our electron seems poised to stay. The fear in its eyes' says' it’s ready to end the trip.
As the team of atoms approaches its final stop, at the neurons. The electron is not saddened; it sees another electron thinks it should pair. Our electron seems to agree; as they share the positioning and moment. One can’t help wondering, has it forgotten the spin of the other past pairing? No, it has not!! It has shared this attachment with its new friend.
As this episode of quantum living comes to an end, we remember the electrons who desire nothing more than a pairing and we hope it is not swayed to stray in the heat of the moments. Even though this happened in a few short hours, it was a lifelong adventure for our electron. Next time on quantum living we watch as protons come together for fusion. We hope you enjoyed this exciting adventure, on quantum living.

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Associates degree in Physics form Crowder College, Mo., working on Bachelor's degree in Polymer Chemistry at Pittstate University, Ks.. bases of the science in the stories is a theory i have been working on for over 6 months. I can see this story as a 6 books or more series.