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Apparently, there is general consensus among the scientific community that the universe will die. That in billions of years from now, starting now, the dark matter which causes the universe to expand will trigger particles to turn into radiation until the cosmos reaches maximum entropy. Areas of excess energy will be matched with areas lacking sufficient energy and a universal state of equilibrium will form. Under maximum entropy no reactions can take place, nothing can produce change, and nothing can take shape. All matter will deteriorate into their respective photon and light particle components, evenly dispersed throughout space, until eventually those components decay as well.

Atoms will break their bonds, planets will dissolve, the complex materials and gases that now charge the stars will run out, and the universe will be left in a state of perpetual darkness. Everything that we have ever known and everything that we will never know, all of knowledge, will cease to subsist. What was once complexity and craft is now static and unencompassing. What was once our anomalous home is now a floating cloud of dust. A transformation takes place in which speed, matter and temperature are all homogenous, if at all existent. In which all extremes are balanced. In which everything fades. This is called Heat Death, and it will most definitely happen. There is nothing we can do.

Don’t let this worry you though. Before that happens the sun will explode. Before that happens perpetual volcanic eruptions will reform the face of the earth. Not to mention fresh water shortages, air pollution, nuclear war, and lack of bats. . .it’s the bats I’m most worried about. So if the idea of being dissolved into a uniform mesh scares you, you have nothing to fear. As it stands, there are millions upon millions of possibilities that pose a risk to our existence, but for human beings Heat Death is not one of them.

Here’s what is: habit, routine, tradition. What I have called the Doctrine of Regularity. The idea that the trivial, day to day, wrongdoings we all dismiss as insignificant, don’t add up. That the tolerant environment that we so often take advantage of, will forever continue to be tolerant. The fact is, most of the things that will lead to our own deaths are caused by ourselves. This was something that I’ve always understood, but something that I foolishly thought others did as well. When you push people too far, they will, like the earth, push back. I pushed back.

Truth be told, I know it has little to do with them. I know that this. . all of this that I’m saying is my own way of justifying my actions. My own way of coping with what I’ve done. I imploded, and as much as I like to think that what they did was reasonable cause for my implosion, only I will be left to answer for it.

This is what led me to my earlier discovery on the death of the universe. There’s some comfort in knowing that sometimes things will push back without being prompted. Sometimes an excuse is not needed. Human beings have done many bad things, but we’ve done nothing to warrant destruction for the entire universe and yet it will happen anyways. Maybe it’s not my fault. Maybe it’s just in my nature to lose control and self-destruct. Maybe I’ve reached maximum entropy.

About the Author: 
My name is Jide Alaga. I am 18 years old. This is the first thing that I've ever written on my free time. II was inspired to start writing by the work of Aaron Sorkin - my favorite screenwriter.