Sunset Avenue

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Welcome, friends, to our unique community of homes and apartments on Sunset Avenue. The avenue is over three miles long, and includes support for a wide variety of living styles. And we've found just the one for you! The tests you both took last week have been scored and analyzed, and you're both a perfect fit for our community. We want to let you know the features of all our neighborhoods before we get to yours.

Notice the first area we come to, on our left. This area is called "The Living Excitement Leisure Club." It includes every country club amenity as well as either tastefully furnished or unfurnished living units. Notice the series of independent two-story units for those who want some space between them and other residents. Almost every sport is available here, with three golf courses, twelve tennis courts, and a fully equipped stadium, as well as running, walking and biking paths, and, of course, full Internet access.

We next come to the area called "The Friends Warmth Living Club." Here, many married
couples choose to live, and participate in group activities. The area features tennis, baseball, and even an outdoor chess area. Indoor activities include a variety of card games, backgammon, Scrabble, and, of course, Internet access.

Next, we arrive at "The Loving Hands Assistance Club." Here we have nursing and other support activities for our members with minor physical needs. Our Assistance Park provides many outdoor amenities. Many board games are available in our Great Helping Hall, including chess, dominoes, Chinese checkers, The Game of Life, Monopoly, Internet access, and more.

And next, we come to "The Sunset Club and Hospital." Only individuals and couples with independent living challenges live here, with therapists as well as outpatient and nursing assistance available throughout the day and night. Our Sunset Hospital is across the street.

And, finally, our unique (and, yes, expensive) "Quantum Hall." This is where we convert your old, tired body and mind into, well, a unique series of experiential lifetimes.
Our Master Computer, "Mike," provides the quantum conversion, as well as storage of your original quantum self.

Within Mike's Quantum Hall, you'll experience temporary serial copies of yourself, each
slightly different, but within nanoseconds, you'll experience a lifetime of experiences, and then be re-inserted back into your "original" self. You'll find that within these nanoseconds, you'll be living a complete "life" and you'll remember the full, yet unique, life you just had. And then, within another few nanoseconds, off to another full life! What a beautiful way to live the rest of your life, by living life after life!

You may have heard that we've had a problem where a client was duplicated, but this has happened only once, and we didn't charge any additional fees for the additional person.

Here at Mike's Quantum Hall is where your application and test information has determined the perfect site for both of you. We've taken the liberty of filling out the monetary transition forms, ready for your signatures. Any questions?

About the Author: 
Charles Dittell, retired, has been a Clinical Psychology Specialist, Adult Education Coordinator, Counselor and Consultant as well as an I.T. Trainer for a Florida county government. He plays jazz piano, and writes stories such as this one.