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Linda was bent over pushing against a nightstand, her Michael Kors clutch dangling from the inside bend of her elbow.
“A few more centimeters, Linda. If you want it to be even with the bed board.” A man roughly Linda’s height and build was staring intently at a Bosch laser measuring device.
“This looks good to me right here, Danton – why am I the one pushing again?”
“Why are – .” The man looked up. “Linda, I’m measuring. The setup of the nightstands has to be precise.”
“I’m a biophysicist. You’re an unemployed compliance officer. I can tell you that this is hardly a controlled environment needed for precision. Anyway, I have to go the bathroom, so you’ll have to finish this yourself.” She closed the door to the bathroom attached to their bedroom.
Ten minutes later Linda came out of the bathroom with her clutch to find Danton sitting on the nightstand, his long legs reaching across at an angle to rest on the bed, with a twelve inch long diamond pyramid sitting in his lap.
“I didn’t expect it to be so big. That’s lab grown?”
”Go on, open yours,” he said, “there on your pillow. Sit on your nightstand and give it a go. Center it with the paper tape marker on the nightstand edge.”
Linda saw an identical diamond pyramid resting on her pillow, still swaddled inside the aluminum suitcase it had been delivered in. She gripped the pyramid and was surprised to feel how tightly tucked into the suitcase’s inner foam lining it was. She moved her clutch off the nightstand and sat down, somewhat awkwardly placing the pyramid on to her lap and centering it as told. “Now what?”
Danton picked up his laser measurer and pointed it at Linda’s diamond. “Now turn your pyramid so that the side of the base with the laser is pointing towards my pyramid.”
“Is this good?”
Danton took one more look through the laser measurement device to confirm. “Yeah, that’s perfect.” He brought the laser measurer to the front of the room, and stopped just in front of the footboard so that he was standing on a marker denoting the triangulation point between the two pyramids. He retrieved a tripod and a standing fan oscillation motor from beneath the bed, connected them with a custom joint, and then placed the laser measurer atop. He switched on the oscillation motor. “How’s that for an unemployed compliance officer?” He was leaning back to admire his work. “C’mon, let’s lie down on the bed, just like we talked about yesterday.”
Half-committed to the idea, Linda lay down on her side and watched the laser from the measuring device oscillate between the two diamond pyramids, stopping for several, precisely calibrated seconds on each end of its swing. “Did you pay the gas bill today?” She knew it was the wrong thing to say, but it was a thought that had been at the front of her mind all day.
“Jesus, Linda, just – just stop thinking of ways to criticize me for a minute. Who cares about that bill right now? Between the job search and, well, what happened with you and Tony –“. Danton looked away from his iPhone which was keeping various measurements related to the strength of the laser and the state of the diamond pyramids. He stared at the ceiling.
Linda turned more fully to her side, bringing both hands to rest underneath her cheek. “He just sent me a text message that was meant for someone else.” The words came quickly, like a parrying dagger. She felt guilty for even trying to defend herself.
Danton clapped his hands. The overhead lights in the room turned off and the nightshade curtains in the room began to pull together and close along the electric curtain track. He took a breath and brought his iPhone to his face to complete a few more calibrations. His voice was calm again, unperturbed. “Will you just amuse me here and lie down, please? This may be a way to save ourselves from breaking apart.”
Linda turned onto her back and sunk into her pillow. She grabbed her purse from the nightstand, clutching it close to her chest.
“Can you let go of that purse, and please hold my hand?” Danton had put down his iPhone. The room was dark now, except for the oscillating laser and the two smaller lasers at the bottom of each pyramid.
Linda took her right hand off her clutch and placed her fingers on Danton’s outstretched palm waiting on the bed.
At her touch, Danton began to explain the set-up. “These are industrial size diamond pyramids. At their base they each have a laser, arrayed in a staggered formation relative to one another. Right now each laser is beaming into the opposite pyramid in equal, calibrated bursts, creating a closed system.”
“What’s the laser on your rotating fan motor doing?”
“That laser is actually measuring for signs of vibration. Once detected, vibration will indicate the presence of quantum entanglement. The energy loss from the closed system will have been transferred to one diamond. Once the oscillator stops moving, we’ll know it’s sensed a vibration.”
“Oh, it’s stopping now,” whispered Linda. “Wait, it’s stopping on me… it’s – it’s broken. I think.”
Danton gripped her hand harder. “It’s not broken. You’re vibrating, at a molecular level, in the microtubules of your brain neurons, in response to me. We’ve been married for thirty years, enough for every cell in our body, except for the neuron cells to be replaced several times over by the shared content of our life together. You are vibrating because every time Tony texts you on that secret, secondary phone in your clutch, a little piece of me dies. A bit of my energy leaves forever, and it is transferred to you. We are vibrating diamonds. Please don’t leave me, because you’ll break us.”
Linda dropped her clutch.
“I’ll find work.”
“I know.”

About the Author: 
Damjan is a part-time writer of fantasy and sci-fi. He is only starting to enter writing competitions, and so appreciates anyone who takes the time to leave feedback.