Sarah's Spacecutter

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Sarah looked at her reflection in the mirror. She smiled. How many people get to do

what she does? What she is about to do again? She had worked very hard to get this far, to

become a pilot of a SpaceCutter class ship, the Orion, in the Earth Space Agency. And here she was

again, just about to do what she loved more than anything else in the universe. She

undressed herself and put on her quantum isolation suite. A strange spandex like material,

each lattice of atoms in it a quantum computer directly connected to the quantum computer of the ship designed specifically to interact with her

own mind and body instantly and without the limitations of previous logic based systems as

they intrepret and transmit her mind. She slid the hood over her head, and bit down onto

the oral transmitter unit which would be supplying her air. Quickly she adjusted the insect like goggles till they were

comfortable and perfectly sealed to her eyes.
She walked down the stairs into the pool of glittering interferon liquid that was

waiste deep and the dimensions of a full sized bath tub. She laid down into the liquid and

hovered just above the bottom of the pool within it's thick emmersion. She commanded the

suite to activate, and initiate interferon density protocol. In an instant, electrical

currents ran throughout the glittering fluid and with a crunch like instantly freezing ice,

she was completely suspended inside of it's collage of opal fire color. Frozen and yet not by thermal activities ,but by

the interferon creating a shield like an ice block between the surface of her suite and the universe. Now the

universe didn't know if she was alive or dead. If she existed or did not exist. She was to

the universe in a state of quantum flux.
The holographic emmitters hummed for a second. Sarah's holographic form was

projected onto the bridge of the Orion. All of the holographic controls where

brought online and materialized before her. She would be interacting with the ship's quantum computers directly with

her mind utilizing the holographic displays of real images to help her to focus on what she

was doing. It was too complicated to imagine by herself and input that into the computer at

the same time.
She pushed the sequence of displays for the ship to join her and become quantum

isolated from the universe. The EM pulse emmitters and quantum insulator material that

covered the hull of the ship began to glow. With a flash of blinding light, the hull of the

ship was as bright as a tiny star and then it disappeared from the universe. Now that she

was in a quantum flux to the universe inside the ship and the ship was in a quantum flux to

the universe, they were both there and not there. With the quantum pulse emitters online,

she contacted FarSeer Space Station orbiting an alien world on the far reaches of the

Andromeda galaxy. The communication system was in a direct quantum link to each other.

Essentially a wormhole like path all the way from the space station's display to her

display. The two consoles were the same console, just in different locations. Much like herself

within the hull of the ship, and the ship's outer hull within the universe when they jump to the space station. The console can continue to exist indefinitely in that state, human beings unfortunately could not.
Sarah notified FarSeer base of her arrival at precisely an hour from now. The Orion

would travel to FarSeer instantly, but for safety, a time delay on the other end to ensure

all is in order was a standard procedure.
A picture of her husband Dave materialised in the air before her. He was a

technician on the FarSeer and she hadn't seen him in over two weeks since he had left to work on the FarSeer Station. Her anticipation to see him was so strong her mind subconsiously sent the desire to

the computer which interpreted it as an image for her. She gently slid her finger over the

front of the picture and smiled.
Exactly one hour later, the Orion was in the space bay of the FarSeer station, and

Sarah excitedly turned all of the systems off, jumped out of the quantum emmersion pool and

ripped her suite off. She put her clothes back on , and stopped to look at the mirror
. It was like looking at herself a moment ago on the far side of space and time because for

a brief instance she was both there and here simultaneously.
The door opened, and Dave was standing there, smiling from ear to ear with his arms

out towards her. She fell into his arms and he into hers, and gently told each other how

much they missed one another. As their hands fell to each other's side, Dave told her of

the aliens below and a crazy occurence between them and the crew of one of the science

expeditions. But that is a story for some other time and place. 9:30 AM 11/29/2015