The Rise and Fall of E

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It was my twenty-first birthday and my buddies and I were going to celebrate at a new bar that opened up; my parents were also tagging along, so I hope it does not get awkward. Wow, I cannot believe I am already twenty-one! I have a job, pay bills, can vote, and now I can consume alcohol! The excitement of the festivities will have to wait until after work.
I live a simple life really, it’s like I just orbit around the small town I live in. Magneisiland is the city, I work in at Bhors’ lightbulb factory. The best part is I get to work there with my eleven best friends. The job may sound boring, but it is a pretty sweet gig, the twelve bosses are pretty neutral, so the place is chill, and there are twelve other workers here that are always positive. I got dressed and drove to work, my job was to test the lightbulbs to make sure they worked.
“Hey E!” I turned to see my one of my friends, who we all called Tron, yelling to me, “Are you excited about tonight?” He asked as I approached him.
“Yep, I can hardly contain myself.” I replied as we walked over to our work station.
“Yeah? I can’t wait either, the first sip is always a hard one to get down and I want to capture your face.” Tron chuckled. Tron was twenty-five, so he had some years of wisdom on me, even if he was the jokester of the group.
“Okay dude, but don’t send ‘your captured moment’ to anyone.” I responded feeling a bit self-conscience.
“Haha, what did you think I was going to do with it?” He laughed then got to work screwing bulbs on and checking their voltage.
It was just after our lunch break when it happened! Alarms started ringing and a voice over the intercom was telling us to evacuate the building. The factory was having a meltdown! Somehow the machinery creating the lightbulbs over heated and was about to explode! Wasn’t there supposed to be some type of regulations to make sure this did not happen? I rushed out along with the bustling crowd trying to look for a familiar face. I was almost to the emergency exit when I heard a voice screaming for help. Somewhere back in the factory someone was trapped. No one seemed to hear the voice over the alarms and hustle of the people. Without thinking I turned around and began running in the opposite direction. Everyone I passed looked at me confused and yelled for me to turn around.
Once I broke free from the lessening crowd I ran into the back where the big machinery was. The voice became clearer and easier to hear. “Heeellllppp!!!!” A female voice shrieked with terror. I turned the corner and saw the mayhem that was the disabling mechanism spiting sparks and steam. I dashed into the disastrous, deconstructing, overheated equipment where a women was stuck underneath a fallen pipe like a scene from a movie.
“It’s okay. I’m here to help.” I reassure her as I crouch down beside the compressed woman. I grabbed the pipe and instantly regretted it; as white pain spread through my body and I could almost hear my hand sizzling on the pipe. I quickly pulled my now badly burnt hand away.
The women was wailing and sobbing, as I’m sure she thought my failed attempt to save her would be my last attempt to save her. I wasn’t going to give up so easy. I took off the jacket I was wearing. I knew better than to just try to use the jacket to remove the metallic piece of rubble, I had a plan. This woman must be badly burnt, I though as I shimmied the jacket under the end of the pipe and with a spirt of adrenalin I lifted the heavy wreckage and flung it off her. I ushered her up, she yelped as I lifted her up and we began running towards the exit. The women escaped my arms and ran out of the building. Right before I made it to the door I could feel my hand was already healing. I heard gasps as somehow, unharmed I exited the building.
That night I got to go to my birthday extravaganza as a hero. There was a great brouhaha amongst us as we got the news that the women would be fine, and I would be in the local paper. Now that was something we could toast to. The first sip was a hard one, but I felt just fine knowing I saved a life and still get to have an amazing birthday with my family and friends. That was until I finished my first drink and the adrenaline from all the excitement of the day welded up inside of me like I was going to burst! The loud cheers of the pub diminished as I felt my body seemingly flying out of the building and towards the sky. I left the pub to find myself in a new town. A large sign read 4s. Where was I? Where could I be? Where should I be? I felt as if I was spinning and taking up a bigger area than I once was. I’m defiantly not in Magneisiland anymore. I thought of all the places I could be.
A moment later my body began to fall through the wavelengths of the new town, as a bright light emitted from me, as if a visual representation of the excitement I once had being dispelled. All that energy I felt quantized inside of me, gone. I fell spinning before finally hitting the ground in darkness. What happened to the great light that was once upon me? Now in a grounded state I tried to come to my wits. There was a blinking sign in the mist like a shop light in the dark. It read 3s. Home…

About the Author: 
A honors chemistry student and amateur writer. This contest is like a mixture of my two favorite things. This was a fun story to write and see how I could incorporate quantum mechanics in so few words.