Quborg: The End of Humanity

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Lucy was on a chair, a rocking chair. She was old and having her grandchild on her lap. She smiled and gave the grandchild a trinket.

"Now my grandchild, I have failed saving the world fast enough, but you must succeed in adaptation OK? This is for your encouragement. Here's a special quantum trinket. It was specially encrypted with quantum cryptography and the only way to unlock it is with my mind scan."

"Why is that?" The boy was curious, he tap the trinket onto his grandmother's forehead and true enough it opened.

"Cause I have a special quantum entanglement field link with it. Oh, if you really want to know why, you'll have to read up all the university physics in advance." She blinked, "That's your encouragement."

Lucy woke up with a smile. She stared at the ceiling of the laboratory. It was the same old dream. Who would had known that Quborg also dreams?

As far as Lucy is concerned, the dream must have been one of those holo series on the net that she watched during her human days. Now she is much more special than that. She's the first fully functional Quantum Cyborg, Quborg for short.

She got out of bed and mentally transformed her clothes into a magician's wear. Dr. James and the rest of the team was already there behind the table.

"How are we doing Lucy?" Dr. James asked. Lucy smiled "Magical."

"Seriously, you have to stop misusing your new abilities like that, we may have to change your fusion core sooner that way." Dr. James swiped his holographic recorder away and stood up facing Lucy. She was young, she was in her late twenties when her accident made her the ideal choice for Quborg. Right place, right time, right conditions. Only her head was intact from the accident and they had time to properly brief her on what she was signing up for. He didn't want anything to happen to her as she is the first successful merge they had.

"Oh come on. The fuel is literally sea water, we got easy access to them now that most cities are floating on them. Besides, I would not count that quantum transmutation as just my abilities. Anyone can do it. You yourself was the one who followed up on this ancient paper that suggests that human consciousness has this power. "[1]

"Well not everyone has your quantum computer-brain interface to allow your mind to calculate all the mental manipulations needed to alter the quantum probability wave of electrons in atoms. You also took a whole year in meditation practice to sharpen your mind enough for this." Dr. James glanced at Dr. Rhodes, the resident meditation and mindfulness teacher who taught them to release stress and sharpen the mind.

"Everyone will have that ability soon enough anyway, that's what I am for right? The first of new, super humans to be adapted to a new body to survive the harsh conditions of earth's climate meltdown." Lucy turned her head towards the production line a few windows away, her bionic eye allows for visions in almost all electromagnetic waves and she could see many other Quborg bodies are being prepared.

"All the more reason to keep you safe and observe you for longer before we proceed. Now is there anything you find unusual?"

"If you consider dreaming unusual, I am not sure if my brain is human anymore, does it needs to dream?" Lucy finally told Dr. James about her dreams.

"Well, you're the first, so we don't know. However, we do know that we can project your dream into a 3D holographic movie."


When the 3D dream came up, Dr. James was taken aback. Lucy turned her head towards Dr. James. "What's the matter doctor? You look like you've seen a ghost." Dr. James just turned his head towards Lucy and then back towards the holographic image again. Slowly, he took out a trinket from his pocket.

Even with his shaky hands, everyone in the lab could see that it was the exact same trinket that was in the dream. Now it was Lucy's turn to have her face turned white. "That's... you're the kid in the dream thirty years ago?"

"Must be a special ability of Lucy's scanning the trinket and found your childhood face from the net to put a dream together." Dr. Peterson, the resident IT expert commented.

"Or it could be that Lucy's actually James' grandmother, reborn?" Dr. Rhodes said, "It would not be the first case, many other studied in the 20th century has birthmarks on the child who remembered matching the fatal wound of the one who got reborn."[2]

"There is one way to find out." Dr. James then tapped the trinket on Lucy's forehead. It opened.

"Ow, a little warning next time?" Lucy winced, but soon got more serious thoughts on her mind. Inside the trinket was a diamond ring with a chip, exactly what was shown in her dreams.

Dr. James said, "By the monogamy of entanglement, you're my grandmother reborn! Somehow.... it must be the unitary of quantum evolution."

"Quantum information is never lost, it is just transformed. Mind is a form of quantum information. When we die, it just moves to another body!" Lucy completed the thought. "Oh my goodness, then all these time, those who suffer in the ongoing climate wars were possibly those who polluted the world in the first place."

"Dr. Peterson, did you have all that on tape?" Dr. James asked. "Good, Please start contacting the nearest hospice, we'll have a lot of work to do. This is the end of humanity as we know it. Biologically at least. Never morally it seems."

[1] Consciousness and the double-slit interference pattern: Six experiments Dean Radin et.al. PHYSICS ESSAYS 25, 2 (2012)

[2] Reincarnation and Biology: A Contribution to the Etiology of Birthmarks and Birth Defects
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Graduated from NUS Physics in 2012, Ng Xin Zhao is an avid Science Fiction, Physics and Buddhism fan. He worked in CQT before going on his passion in Buddhism. Now he works as Project Executive for Environmental Protection in Kong Meng San Phor Kark See Monastery in Singapore.