Qubits of my mind

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“It won't work.” mumbled Frederick.

“ But it does! Don’t you understand! It's the human consciousness! Thats the last quantity missing in all those equations! The missing piece of Schrodinger’s Laws! It’s the holy grail! The final Theory of Everything! I’ve seen it! I’ve done it! Look! This is the equation!”

Frederick took a long stare at the slip of paper Bose was holding. Sigh.

He lowered the newspaper he was reading and took out the cigar in his mouth. Taking up his cup of Starbucks in the other hand, he stood up from his seat.

“You know Bose, I think you should start coming out of that basement of yours. There's a faculty dinner party tonight, and i thi-”

“No.I have more work to do.”

“Well, that's fine then. But don’t overdo it, will ya?”

And so Frederick left the cafe.


Today was outrageous! Frederick doesn't believe me. My closest friend of 5 years. Who am i to confide in now? I want to prove it. I am certain i can prove it.
But that shall have to wait. If I tell the world what i have achieved, who knows what they will do to my machine? Will they take it away from me? Will they take my Martha away from me? I will have to consider more. Until then i will enjoy the fruits of my labor. My life’s work. Oh my beautiful machine. My Psi. Tonight i will enter again.

Last night was amazing! Martha from the No.17 declared her love for me! Oh how i wish i could relive that moment in reality. But wait. Is that not reality too? Yes? It is possible. Oh how i wish Martha were here with me. I have decided. I will quit that boring university. Why spend time in that hellhole when i can see my Martha everyday? Why go to a school for physicists when the physicists themselves do not under physics itself? Why go out, when I can be the King of England elsewhere? Why live unsatisfactorily in this world when i can be content in another.

I have been gone from work for a week. Fred called me 7 times today. I picked up none. Ha! That pathetic man. He even came knocking on my door! Things are getting quite out of hand. I will have to hide the Psi. I have no intention of telling anyone about it. Ever. I must go hide the Psi. There is a secret compartment in the basement. I shall hide it there. No one must know. No one! Martha I am coming!

I am growing weaker by the day. But alas! there is no food left in the fridge! Still, Martha from No.1548 needs me there. I can hear her calling me through the Psi. I must go now.

Where am I? What is this damned basement i am living in? Have i returned to the wrong universe? I must go back again.

13/03/2050 (Last Entry)
I have realized my mistake. My foolishness. Yesterday i went to No. 967833. There was a man there. I forgot his name. But he explained to me somehow. There are too many realities. Hawking was right.There are too many universes to explore. It amounts to an infinity. I understand now. The machine is drawing energy from my consciousnesses to operate., which is unlike how i thought of it before. The amount of consciousness within an isolated system is in fact quantifiable, as in space and time. It is all relative. But one last time shall i go. I shall go back to No.1. and that will be my last trip, before i destroy this damned machine that has fueled my madness. Quick! I must do it while the drug still renders me sensible. But something seems wrong with the machine!


Frederick closed the book, and threw it into the fire. It would no longer be needed. And as he stood up, he surveyed the interior of the secret basement room around him. Clean. Cleansed from the terrible things that happened in it. Oh. His dear friend Bose Verres. Such tragic foolishness had he never seen before. How could he do this to himself? Sigh.

Frederick cleaned the stained knife he was holding with a piece of cloth and tossed it into the burning machine, together with the evidence, corpse and all. Taking nothing with him except that little slip of paper, Frederick smiled and left the room.

Oh Bose! How could you do this to yourself?

About the Author: 
Stephen Alvin. Tampines Junior College. Writing from SIngapore! Hope you enjoy my story!