Quantum Superhero: The Cosmic Journey of Nikola Plank

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Quantum Superhero
The Cosmic Journey of Nikola Plank

… After a seemingly infinite journey through space and time, the young woman, Nikola Plank arrives back to her body with new level of awareness. She is fully conscious of the world around her, and of her self. She no longer sees objects as disconnected solid matter, rather as an electrical representation of what she imagines and projects with her consciousness.
As Plank ponders and reflects on the experience she has just had, she comes to the realization that she can create any reality she can dream up. Knowing that she has this great power, she needs to understand how to use it.

First she tries to understand the tools with which she is already equipped. She realizes that her body is a finely tuned machine, capable of receiving signals and creating physical outputs that change the shape of the world. Her machine is controlled by a super computer located in the skull. This computer, her brain, interprets input signals from the body and creates output commands to the body. These are concepts that she vaguely understood before. But now, after this experience, she realizes that there is much more to the picture.

When asked why she decided to become a quantum super hero, Nikola Plank had this to say: “Prior to my journey through the quantum realm, I received all of my inputs from the first five senses. So, the only information my computer had stored was a logical aggregation of that information. Being a confused human with a desire to understand the world, I did what most humans do, and called upon my computer to use the information to create a version of reality that makes since. I never realized what a tiny portion of information I was using to paint such a grand picture of reality.”

Plank now realizes that the most powerful tool in her arsenal is her pineal gland. This is a wireless internet receiver located in the center of the brain. Everything in the universe is made of information. All of the information in the universe is just floating around us at all times. She now realizes that she can access this information, using the pineal gland, in the same way that we access the internet wirelessly.

That is where the sixth since comes in. She can use this since to fill in the gaps. She can add information to her CPU that does not have to be filtered or restricted by the five physical senses. She looks to some ancient religions, and can now see that they have known about this all along. They referred to chakras as energy centers in the body. She now sees those chakras as frequency controlled variable resistors. This new understanding explains the worshiping and meditating customs of many of the ancient religions.

So, Nikola sits in a meditative pose, with the base of her spine to the earth’s electrical ground, and the crown of her head pointed toward the heavens. Her spine acts as an energy bus to her pineal gland. Using vibrational frequencies and meditative practices, she begins to lower the resistance in her chakras. This lowered resistance allows for an increased energy flow through her spine and up to her wireless receiver. Her third eye is open, and information pours in at a rate unimaginable to those who are restricted to the five senses.

Young Nikola Plank now knows she has super powers. She is able to leave her body and travel through space and time at will. Now that she has this knowledge and power, what will she do with it? … To be continued…

About the Author: 
I am a student of philosophy. I work in the electrical/ electronics field. I am also a practicing Yogi. Through some of my transcendental experiences, I have been able to draw parallels between the spiritual world and the electrical world. This combination is what draws me to quantum theory.