The Quantum Orchestra

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As nighttime arrived in Tokyo, the city was bursting with lights. Cars zoomed pass and people casually chatted around with each other, blissfully unaware of what was going on in the lives of others. Somewhere, there was a woman steadily and gracefully crossing the road. Her long, jet black hair, blowing in the breeze. Kimura Kasumi, a seemingly composed, stern yet attractive woman, was the head of Kimura Enterprises. She never used to leave her workplace a lot but today was an exception.

Going over the ticket in her hand once again, she resisted the urge to scoff out loud at the cheekiness of the event’s description. “An Orchestra organized by the music group ‘Quantum Vibrations’ which has been designed to alter your view of reality”. In her mind she mocked the awkward group name and couldn’t help but feel annoyed at the cheesy lines on the ticket. She almost regretted leaving her precious workplace to attend such a cheesy event, however she decided on attending it in order to promote her own business. Finally catching view of the designated hall, she made her way towards the building, hurrying her pace in order to get into the line before it grew too long.

The wait wasn’t that long and soon Kasumi had reached the entrance, she hastily handed over her ticket to an usher, and followed him into the hall as he directed her to her seat, her heels clacking as she walked. The hall was silent and there was hardly any noise emanating from the audience. Kasumi sat elegantly in the first row and awaited the beginning of the show. More people filled the hall, Kasumi frequently checked her watch agitated at the fact that the show hadn’t started yet.

Then the lights dimmed, and the window shutters closed. An instant feeling of dread and excitement entered Kasumi’s heart and she clutched at the arm rests beside her as if bracing for impact. A rather fancy looking group came on stage and introduced themselves as “Quantum Vibrations”. Kasumi’s scoff echoed throughout the hall.

“Many physicists are trying to merge Classical Physics and Quantum Physics, a seemingly daunting task, by trying to find something known as Quantum Gravity. Now let’s talk about String theory, it’s a theory that basically says that all matter boils down to small string-like one-dimensional objects. The vibration state of the string determines all its properties ranging from its mass to its size. This theory is considered a quantum gravity theory which will finally be able to explain gravity with the help of Quantum Mechanics. Our aim today is to play music, to extend the musical vibrations deep into the quantum realm and influence all the strings in the area. Our aim is to make music at the quantum level.”

Kasumi didn’t scoff this time, what the group said on stage took her by surprise as she felt a feeling of dread settle at the bottom of her stomach. They didn’t know what could go wrong with all of this. She looked to her right to see blank faces of people clapping even though they probably hardly understood the words said on stage. She would probably have been clapping alongside them had she not been introduced to Quantum Mechanics by her father. Kasumi wasn’t excellent at Quantum Mechanics but she did have a basic understanding that made her anxious about what was to come. She felt suffocated as the lights went out and slowly felt all her composure slip away, clawing at her seat, trying desperately to escape but for some reason she wasn’t able to move.

A round of applause travelled through the hall signaling the start of the Quantum Orchestra, the conductor raised his baton and it felt like time stalled for a few seconds. Then as he lowered it again, the orchestra began playing Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata, the sound of piano keys echoed in Kasumi’s ear flushing the dread out of her system. The whole hall was at ease and Kasumi noticed the fact that the walls, people and almost the whole hall seemed to be rippling, droplets of matter formed in the air, shaping themselves into beautiful apparitions. Kasumi’s figure rippled against her will, slowly she began merging with her surroundings. She was at peace, one with the music, one with all. All vibrations in the room were in sync, being manipulated at the hands of the orchestra. Kasumi’s body changed shape easily and she felt like a petal being carried away by the water.

Then the music suddenly came to a halt and she felt all parts of her rejoining in a most painful way, like leftovers being scraped across a pan. She was back in her seat, still giddy from her prior experience, willing to let go of all physical barriers in order to return to that state. Willing to let her form be controlled by the vibrations.

The conductor once again began his routine, the music re-started. People looked to the stage with expectant gazes, wishing to be taken away by the music again. However this time what played was a more chaotic, more extreme and fast-paced melody. The dread returned, the vibrations of each string in the area was altered once again to assume the chaotic tune. Kasumi’s figure stretched to infinity and then compressed into an infinitesimal size. Her entire being was being ripped apart. The walls of the hall turned nightmarish, swaying back and forth with the most fervor. Everything was altered into a nightmare, rippling, merging with everything else, it was straight out of a child’s nightmare. Fears broke through that night. The orchestra stopped playing but the music kept going on and on, living through matter’s very own vibrations, through Kasumi’s vibrations. The most subatomic level of strings were playing “Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata 3rd Movement”. Slowly the curtains drew close on the act and the audience dispersed into nothingness. After all, Kasumi was nothing but an insignificant form of matter.

About the Author: 
I am 15 years old and I have taken multiple courses on Quantum Mechanics online on edX and coursera. I enjoy writing as a hobby, so I tried my best to mix my two favourite things; Quantum Mechanics and Writing.