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At a South Dakota Science laboratory, four young intelligent minds had been calculating endless numeric calculations. This was for their invention called; Project Nexus.
Mike Gust, Abby Britton, Ben Hawthorne and Maud Smith were all recent MIT graduates, in quantum physics. After graduating and gaining their diploma, the friends decided to combine their powerful gifted brains. They wanted to create inventions to help our beautiful planet Earth and the human race, but had no intentions of playing God.
The first big idea that the American twenty year old’s contemplated over was; teleportation. The team had realised that people move around their environment, more than anything else and fossil fuels had damaged the Earth and caused climate change.
The young scientists theorised for weeks on how to build such a radical invention. They would transport people through a machine and beam them to another town or city on the Earth in seconds.
Two months after graduating, Max, Ben, Abby and Maud went to the bank and sat with the manager and discussed their project and asked,
“Hello my name is Max and these are my science friends Ben, Abby and Maud. We have just gained our diplomas in quantum physics and would like to each take out a loan. We would like to buy a building and turn it into a science lab and buy equipment to conduct experiments and build futuristic devices. We are confident that our first invention will transform society, so we’ll be in a financial position to reimburse you quickly. I hope you can see the possibilities in us and grant us the capital. Thank you for your time and listening to us today.”
Rachael Evans was moved by these young smart physicists and their exciting venture. The 45 year old South African approved their loan and the funds would be available in just a week, once all the paper work had been filled in. The men and woman from South Dakota were ecstatic and wanted to get their designs and concepts of the drawing board right from the off, but they had no equipment or research facility.
Maud’s dad was a constructional engineer and had been searching for the ideal building. He and his team could transform into a sizable laboratory and eventually Karl Smith discovered a great place in Sioux Falls. Another three weeks later and independent building firm had developed an ultramodern spacious workplace.
The young Dr’s were thrilled and got to work buying all the equipment they would need to bring their mindboggling creations alive. Abby hired an articulated lorry and drove it and the rest of the team 15 miles from her parents. Several hours later everything was up and running to conduct project Nexus.
Maud backed the lorry down the long drive at the lab and the whole team got stuck in and unloaded all the apparatus. Once they had finished they marvelled in their new spacious modern work station. Now the hard work would begin and these fresh geniuses had to manipulate their understandings and bring forth the magnificent creations.
Max and Abby assembled the necessary equipment, while Maud and Ben relented over all the variables. They believed that ten computers could give them the power to manoeuvre the quantum partials in human DNA and transform our bodies into digital. Once our cellular level has entered the internet, a laser beam and jump to any point on the earth that’s required. Max had explained that once a person inside internet they could become lost. There needed a way of keeping track of everyone, so they decided to implant a microchip in the brain. This would help monitor where the person was in the digital world and who they were by their unique brains. This chip would help coordinates for the lazar, to send people to the right location.
The concept had been jumbling around in the graduate’s frontal lobes for months and today this ground breaking technology would be activated. Ben; the short red haired, happy and friendly man cleared his throat and spoke, “My great friends, we stand on the verge of breaking the impossible and I thank you dearly for your help. I really hope this works and help make the world a cleaner and safer place. God be with us” The instant they had toasted to themselves, and then the scientists began to carry out their first controlled experiment. They concluded that Maud and Ben would control the computers and Abby and Max would take a leap of faith and be the first in the world to teleport.
The team had already undergone surgery and the equipment had been checked time and again. Now was the moment that these incredible individuals had worked so very hard for. Max and Abby were wired with diodes to their temple and then Ben turned their computer on and continued monitoring the intricate equipment. Maud opened the software for digital transfer and pressed the relevant button to trigger the process.
Within minutes the immense power of the computers kicked in and bam; Abby and Max’s bodies had been turned into millions of tiny quantum partial’s, and were now beamed inside the internet. The experiment was looking great so far, but the team in the real world had to send their friends to the chosen location and download out of the digital world.
It seemed to happen so fast for the brave pare, one moment they were stood in their lab and next an eerie sensation took over their bodies and sent them through the phone line into the internet super highway. The team had chosen in front of the London eye as first location, but as the laser beam had teleported them beyond their comprehension’s. The two scientists were standing on the surface of the moon and bizarrely not alone. Alien creatures emerged from craters and spoke in plain English,
“Congratulations my Earth friends on your remarkable achievements, now let us take you home.”

About the Author: 
My name is Lee Greatrex and I live in England with my wife and 8 year old son. we bought our first house last year and I love reading and writing science fiction and fantasy stories. Two years ago I entered this wonderful competition with the story called; Hyper loop.