Quantum Chat at the Blue Moon Cafe

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Alice and Bob were having a heated tête-à-tête while Eve sat in the booth across the aisle trying to concentrate on solving 7 Down in the Galactic Times crossword puzzle. Now what was a quark-binding particle, five letters, starting with “g” and ending with “n”…
Bob whispered harshly to Alice, “You just don’t grasp the gravity of our situation. There are too many hidden variables. We don’t have enough information. It’s a roll of the dice.”
Out of the corner of her eye Eve could see that Bob was holding Alice’s hands but she was pulling away warning “Bob, keep your voice down…decoherence could have grave consequences for our situation.”
Eve went back to her crossword puzzle, gluon.. that was it!
Alice suddenly sneezed. “Why did you have to steal that cat? Just take the lid off and stop wondering about it. Either we get the ransom or we don’t.”
Eve stole another glance and noticed that a large metal box had appeared on the table between the couple. This couple was clearly entangled and she suspected there was a high probability that they were headed for non-locality, with their bonds in such radioactive decay.
“I’m sorry Alice,” Bob patted her hands, “I know you think I’m a kaon and a little strange but I hope you find me fundamentally charming.”
Eve noticed that the box was gone now and suspected that Bob had teleported it back to his place. Alice was smiling and stroking Bob’s hand.
10 Across. Starts with q and ends with t – five letters..qubit!

About the Author: 
Glenda MacDonald is a short story writer based in Toronto.