The Overlooked Correlation

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Professor Jack Pith
University Of Quantum
25 April 2063
Entry 512:

This is important! I have noticed that the photoelectric effect was not solely an experimental discovery and nature had given us a clue in history itself. I know this may seem baseless and ridiculous, but hear me out.

This can be seen in the revolution that happened during the Empire of Metalis about 400 years ago...

People were oppressed and those who opposed the rule of the emperor were thrown behind bars, locked in chains, seemingly left to die in the horrid living conditions of the cells. Now, this would have been the outcome, if not for The Difference, a resistive group who fought for the people and for a change.

They initially launched a one-off large scale high intensity attack, but this was not effective as they suffered heavy casualties and a brute force approach was certainly not in the favor of The Difference.

They then decided that a different and more strategical approach had to be taken. They hypothesized that a more frequent targeted attack would weaken the security of different prison camps sufficiently and that they would eventually be able to free the prisoners, group by group. While not every operation was successful, The Difference managed to free many prisoners and the morale of The Difference surged with every prisoner rescued, exactly like that of a photocurrent building up as more photoelectrons are emitted due to the absorption of photons of sufficient energy. This also led to the building up of the prowess of The Difference as the prisoners joined them in the fight against the corrupt and oppressive rule of the emperor.

Year by year, The Difference grew stronger, bigger and their morale peaked, indicating that it was time for them to overthrow the rule of the corrupt empire. They meticulously planned out their attack, and was able to carry it out without any time delays. The corrupt empire was now overthrown, and peace was restored to the people.

Now, how did I discover this? I did so with the help of quantum computers! The very technological advance that has seen tremendous progress over the last century. Yes, the sheer smartness and power of quantum computers enable it to recognize patterns easily and this function can be used to identify a relation between events that happened in the past as well as the progress in the scientific and technological field.

As I write this down in my research journal, several thoughts are flowing through my mind..Perhaps this is a complete coincidence and my brain is just playing tricks on me but I cannot help but think of how we as humans, all have two sides to our nature. We behave differently under different circumstances and while we have made progress in figuring out how the human brain works, human behavior remains a mystery. Does this not remind you of the mysterious fact that every elementary particle exhibits properties not just of particles, but also that of waves, under different circumstances?

There are just too many clues pointing to the fact that our approach in discovering quantum physics is outdated, making it harder to figure out than it seems. Perhaps the key to cracking this tough nut lies in this overlooked correlation, and that in our focus on discrete objects, we have neglected the big picture and missed out on so much information we could have gotten.

I know that many renown and established quantum physicists have reached the conclusion that the invention of full-fledged quantum computers in 2055 is the furthest we would go in the field of quantum physics and that progress in this field has stagnated, but I've dedicated my entire life to discovering quantum physics, and this is potentially the keystone to a quantum revolution and breakthrough! Call me crazy or stubborn, but I'll prove that we can go so much further.

Just wait.

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Daniel is a student from Singapore who has just completed his A Level Examinations. He enjoys writing in his free time, especially in science fiction.