This or That?

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Two detectives: Copen and Hagen. Partners ever since they joined the force, the pair solved every case thrown their way, but this one is different. Now these two will face their toughest mystery: Quantum Physics.

“Take a look at this, Hagen.” Copen said as he pointed towards a large, black bag that seemed to contain a body.

“You think this is our missing fella?” Hagen asked as he squinted at the bag.

“There’s only one way to find out.” Copen answered as he proceeded to open to the bag.

“Wait!” Hagen cried.

Copen immediately halted his movements and darted for his gun while scanning the area.

“What!? Did you see something!?” Copen questioned.

“No, I’m just saying you can’t open that bag.” Hagen answered.

Copen stared at his partner in disbelief.

“What the hell do you mean I can’t open it!?”

“Well, you don’t know if he’s dead or alive in there.”

“Yeah! Of course I don’t know! That’s why I’m going to open it!” Copen bellowed while continuing to open the bag.

“No!” Hagen yelped back while grabbing the arm of his partner and yanking it away from the bag.

“What the hell has gotten into you, Hagen!?” Copen questioned with a mix of anger and confusion in his voice.

“Ok, I need you to hear me out.” Hagen started.

“Hagen if this is another of your hairbrained theories…”

“Trust me on this one. Right now all we know is that there’s a body in that bag right? We don’t know if he’s breathing or eternally holding his breath.”

“He’s most likely dead.”

“But look, I did some reading before, and right now this guy could be in between a state of being alive and dead. When we open that bag he could be either or, but we don’t know which right now. If we open it then we could be killing him in the process!” Hagen stated while watching his partner’s face to see if the message got delivered.

“What kind of crackpot crap have you been looking up, Hagen!? State of being alive and dead? Are you even listening to yourself, partner!? Our job is to investigate crimes; not discuss stupid science ideas! You sound like you’re in a state of being dumb or stupid. Next you’re going to say my soda is in a state of being carbonated and uncarbonated!” Copen retorted while being in a state of either being exasperated or dumbfounded.

“Well, do you know?” Hagen asked sheepishly.

“That’s it! I’m done listening to this hodgepodge of nonsense. I’ve got work to do.”

Copen returned to opening the bag while Hagen trembled anxiously.

“What’s your deal, Hagen!?” Copen questioned in a clear, irritated manner.

“I can’t stand it! If you open that bag and he’s dead then that makes you a murderer! I can’t stand my best friend becoming a murderer!” Hagen cried out.

“We’ve found plenty of bodies before! Countless corpses!” Copen roared.

“But they were already confirmed dead! Our guy was only declared missing! We don’t know if he’s alive or dead, and his fate is in our hands now!”

“What tomfoolery are you spouting! We’re detectives! Finding this stuff out is our job! If you want to talk theories, then go back to the lab and talk to the forensics team! I’m going to do what I’m paid to do!”

“No!” Hagen pleaded.

Copen ignored his partner’s cries, however, and finally opened the bag. Inside was a body seemingly unharmed. Copen let out a low sigh.

“See, he’s dead. Doesn’t look like there was much of a struggle. Poor bastard probably suffocated. What do you-” Copen began to ask but was cut off by the metallic clang of handcuffs.

“What are you doing!?” Copen asked bewildered

“Y-You’re a m-m-murderer now. I-I’m just doing my j-j-job and taking you in. You h-have the r-right to remain silent. Anything y-you say can and w-will be used against you in a c-c-court of law.” Hagen sobbed.

“Don’t tell me my Miranda rights, you idiot! Uncuff me and stop joking around! We have a case to solve!” Copen barked while thrashing wildly.

“The case is solved, When you o-opened the bag there were two p-possibilities: dead or alive. He’s dead, and it’s because o-of you, partner.” Hagen explained while regaining some of his composure.

“Have you gone mad!? Uncuff me now!” Copen demanded.

“I’m just doing what i’m paid to do.” Hagen replied.

Hagen then grabbed Copen and began taking him to the back of their squad car.

“I’ll call someone to pick up the body, right now I need to detain you.”

“Hagen!” Copen blurted in sheer rage as he was unable to say anything else.

“I know, it’s complicated stuff. Look on the bright side though, in another dimension the guy was still alive when you opened the bag. That version of you isn’t a murderer, and that version of me doesn’t have to deal with the heartbreak.” Hagen finished while closing the door with a hysterical Copen still expressing his rage inside.

Was Copen the real killer? Maybe not. Will the mystery ever be truly solved? Who knows. Right now the truth is in a state of being either hidden or found, and this story is in a state of being either good or bad.

About the Author: 
I just like to write fiction stories, and I want to try my hand at something new.