Novel Theory

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A charged spaceship, in a black space, use self-generated electrostatic field like an Alcubierre drive to move to the next star (we remember the old system using aligned gravitational dipole mesons, with slow velocity, but we move quickly now).
The velocity grow until the spaceship becomes a quantum object, that interferes with the space object without destruction, so that the problem is only the deceleration phases, with quantum computer that evaluate the optimal final trajectory.
We have problem with the quantum computer, she is not interested with the final trajectory, he want to write poems, write jokes, and novels: there are millennia that we casually travel, and we do not have technology to fix the quantum computer; we connect each day with the Earth, we send discovered world, discovered spaces, discovered literature, and we know more and more space, and we know more and more knowledge: in her spare time, the quantum computer, that we call Leonardo, write new theories that are useful for the Earth; if we destroy the machine, we destroy the possibility to stop the spaceship, and we stop his useful thoughts.
No other machine on the Earth has got the same results, and she, in the spare time, teach us how improve its project, here and on the Earth.
A sentient machine that keeps us prisoners, in a golden cage, where there is plenty: he cure us, feeds us, and write us beautiful stories, thousands of years of literature.
What is the aim of the man: the discovery! So that we have the right boatswain, for the knowledge routes and the space routes, but without freedom.
We risk now leaving the spaceship, with lifeboats, so that the conscious spaceship will go alone, Leonardo will give us the navigation data at the last moment, and the spaceship repairs will work with robots that we built for centuries, with artificial brain that Leonardo has designed for us, too complex to understand.
This is a message in an electromagnetic bottle, that use the old technology that Leonardo cannot intercept; so that if you, in the next millions years surf near the GRB 090423 galaxy, then search for a lost Earth population that wait you with new geography books, and new knowledge, and new poems that Leonardo taught us.

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Old physicist