The Mysterious Quantum Code of the Stock Market

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He stood wry in front of the company's CEO solid wood door. The golden doorknob almost reached his shoulder. He thought that was placed too high, but positioned like this it gave the impression of an imposing man behind the massive door. He not dares to enter, reluctant to raise his hand and press the doorknob. As head of the research department in the largest investment bank on the Wall Street ought to have a more relaxed attitude in front of the CFO, but the thought of what was to notify him made him little undecided.
He reached the position of head of research once the shareholders board took the decision to open a new era in investment strategies by purchasing a quantum computer. He was the best to conduct research through the prism of experience he had in quantum computation and quantum information theory.
He waited anxiously for the quantum computer to become operational, and since then he has not had a single day of rest. It was like a child who had been received his favorite toy, he analyzed the quantum computer on all the faces, and he no longer could part with this incredible machine. He was fascinated by the idea that tiny invisible particles endowed with bizarre quantum properties can solve typically human problems. Entangling the tiny particles in the heart of the machinery, the investors can choose the most profitable shares portfolio to trade on the capital market. It was completely enchanted by this reality.
The stocks prices data began to gather, simulations started, everything was perfect until one night when he worked late, as usual lately. He perfectly remember that night, the full moon spreads its light through the large window of the lab, though trying to steal secrets closely guarded from other competitors in the capital market. He makes simulations of shares portfolios and could not take his eyes off the time series of stock prices that crossing before it, in curious braids. It was these bizarre trajectories of prices that reminded him of something, yet intangible. Suddenly he left stunned! It could not be that, he thought out loud.
He remembered in a spark of braiding trajectories of particles that use to create quantum gates, by “dancing” one around each other. He could not believe that might be the same for stock market. Yet stocks prices braided quantum gates, right in front of his eyes. He continues the simulations more assiduously. One by one, Hadamard gate, CNOT gates and all the other elementary quantum gates, emerge out of braiding prices of stocks.
The light of day caught him at the desk continuing the hard work. He lined up on the enormous desk of the research laboratory pages of stocks prices quantum gates linked in a quantum circuit that seemed endless. May the stock market be a mysterious quantum code?

He made some courage and pushes the doorknob. In the enormous office, he saw at the opposite end, behind a massive desk, the bald figure of CFO. He approached, greets slightly with the head a little embarrassed and sat in the front seat. He did not know how to start the conversation, how to approach a so delicate subject, so he said bluntly:
- I found that the whole stock market is a quantum algorithm, a code, a computer program. He could not believe he said that.
- What do you want to say? I do not understand! His interlocutor replied putting aside the newspaper which he reads.
With an obviously trembling voice he continues.
- The whole stock market is a quantum computer program!
- Are you kidding? You're weird today! I expected something else from you. Explain me in more details!
- The prices of stocks in the stock market run a program. Seeing the obviously puzzled face of the CFO he continues.
- Stock prices are not depending on market players actions, prices do not decrease or increase because of buying or selling orders in the market, is exactly the opposite. Investors are selling and buying shares on the market just because prices have to execute accurately a quantum computer program.
- You mean we're just puppets manipulated by a quantum computer program?! That is what you mean?
He does not reply. It seemed that the answer is obvious; his silence made the CFO's face began to flush red. Irritation was apparently begun to be noticed in his voice.
- Are you out of your mind?!, he heard him after the moment of silence. We have the most incredible trading machine on the market, you just had to find the optimal portfolio strategy, and after all these efforts you come to these bizarre conclusions?
The last words of CFO seemed to be a bit calmer. Curious! He dares to look up from the ground and to fix the CFO directly in his sly eyes.
- Can we make money out of this …bizarre quantum code?
It was clear; he did not understand the dimension of what he had told. He just argued that the physical reality in which they lived was nothing but a quantum computer program, they were just lines in a quantum computing program, the whole universe was a function in a program and the CFO asked him if he can make profit out of this. Unimaginable!
- No, we cannot modify the quantum code of the Universe! We are all holograms having only an ephemeral existence. He continues with more courage.
- Your cars, your fabulous home are all an illusion, albeit a persistent one, he paraphrased Einstein.
He does not wait boss's reaction. It was predictable. He walked with hurried steps toward the imposing door, leaving behind the irritated face of the CFO.
- You're fired!; grab him to hear before the door slammed shut loudly behind him.

About the Author: 
Ovidiu Racorean research interests are in the areas of applied mathematics and quantum mechanics formalism to financial markets. He created the term StockMarketHedron for the geometric shape associated to stock markets. He works as a quantitative finance researcher in a hedge fund based in London.