My lesson learned

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Suddenly from nowhere a man appeared next to me and smile, sitting little like myself made me feel like I didn't had to be formal, that’s fine to me! This man with European accent reminds me Einstein, as his face was like him and he said, Hi nice seeing you, oh yes sir I said,… but I couldn’t resist his resemblance to Einstein so I told him, Sir you look much like Einstein,….perhaps he said, I’m Einstein I came from the year 1946 and what you might see as foolish is now one of my contributions from my Theory of Relativity and Time Space relation to apply in a time machine besides other things some are known some other where secret achievement.
My first reaction was that I was fooled, so I laugh and turn my head over around, but the space was open and quiet so nothing could be hiding around us, then he said, do you remember my saying!... past present and future it all occurs simultaneously ? I think I do remember sir (in my mind I thought I must follow the conversation or what else could I do), I ask why did you came to this time sir, almost 60 years in your future, is there something happening in our future that we don’t know? Why didn’t we knew about the time travel machine was it a secret? , first Einstein sat straight and serious, and began saying did you know that I was the theorists and mathematician but the human race also always my concern and is all about the peace and the spirituality for humanity.
I put all my attention and then he said: let’s have a trip on time do you mind going to the year 1945? ... I just did not had time to react when I heard a Bang inside my head felt light body weight and I appeared standing still behind a big and dense concrete wall (you could see the thickness of the wall and a small window wearing myself a special black lenses.
Next there was a count down and all the staff where staring trough that window, I had no idea what was going on when a big shinning explosion and a bright light at a distance and a heat wave hit I was scared that was the most incredible experience I ever had something to feel helpless and scared, that typical mushroom atomic bomb shape appeared in front of my eyes, I back up some of bit in a natural protecting reaction but I saw Mr. Robert Oppenhaimer quiet after that successfully but unprecedented event, they all celebrate but he only smiled.
Right after that in a movie like; but very real scene there was a US plane and a bomb released in Nagasaki from the distance y could see that typical atomic explosion and the devastation over the city that ring of fire burned all, destroyed all I can’t explained what I felt and it was so real that in a moment the killing and devastation was in front of me, I have a trauma to even remember it, no tree or animal and people survived, buildings and houses vanished.
In the next couple minutes I found myself on the very same place I was sitting on the bench I look straight to Einstein’s Face with my eyes popped! and with my trembling voice I said,…. What was that For God sake I am scared! But what happened did I really had that trip to the past! I know the Enola Gay identified that it was the plane that drop the bomb bomb….. Did it really happen, did it happen that way, oh my God!
Trying to recover from that mind blowing experience I stood up and walk around so Einstein said take my hand so I did and in a minute I settle down and he said, and I am sorry you had to go through this experience, but you will know that no words can explain why I work hard and not let the world use this weapons of mass destruction not me and Robert Oppenhaimer who did not approved to use this deadly atomic weapon who was the was the master mind creator of the bomb over my Special Reality Theory it shook our minds, the power of destruction that the deadly bomb.
Time is a mind experience not an event, and all this is just to impress over the peoples mind that no peace has reached the human race yet!... even in your time period, hatred and greed is still ruling in each individual as we are thinking we are all separated entities from one God also discovered over the theory over the Spooky Action at a Distance. But Mr. Einstein (I said) if you foresee war could you do something avoid it, having that advanced knowledge and stop that atomic terror, where will this happen, where?
Mr. Einstein quiet a little as he was staring at the little ducks on the lake, then he said,…what makes you think that mind peace is understood by those who still prevail in hatred to each other, man against man?. Do you think man has mind peace, and forgiveness? Then I said, …. No I guess not sir … so what do you expect from that! I said War?.... Exactly Einstein said as long there is no inner peace in their lives there will be no lesson learned and there will be no security! You all can change the way by changing immediately, starting with you!
I have to go but by now Roberto. Then he disappeared I turn around my head but no traces of Mr. Einstein I had my lesson learned today.

About the Author: 
I was born in the 25th of May of 1955 and I being courios about cientific matters from the everyday aspects od life I studied Aquitecture and I like arts and History as well acttualy I work for a clinick for Alternative Medecine, thank you.