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The sun crept through Dustin’s tiny apartment window as it had every morning since his arrival in Geneva. He had been “exclusively” selected to partake in the project’s final stages. Dustin LeCile was a recent graduate student serving an internship under the crazy and radical Dr. Benson Allure who had chosen him above all other applicants. Allure seemed consumed by his work, mainly things relative to string theory. He obsessed about the possibilities of infinite universes’ and timelines; possessed to the point that one would assume, it was a personal matter for him. The overworked intern rose out of his bed putting on his work shirt to begin the morning rituals. A deafening crack shattered the quiet morning air. Dustin grabbed his ears to lessen the blow when the ground beneath his employee domicile began to pulse and wain in time with the echoing nova. Losing his balance he struck his head on the corner of his nightstand knocking him unconscious.
“Hey kid, you OK?” a voice said through a heavy respirator. Dustin looked up trying to clear the brain fog. “What’s your name?” the voice said. A silhouette of a moderately tall figure in what appeared to be an exoskeletal suit came to focus. Sternly now “I’m talking to you-” “WAIT...wait-.” Dustin said frustrated, rubbing his temples as he interrupted the untimely interrogation. “Dustin… LeCile.” He replied. “You get that Station?” said the suited spectacle seemingly to no one while scanning the dazed young man. Dustin started to take in his surroundings “How about an introduction?” Dustin murmured sarcastically. “OK Dustin.” It said unfastening clips holding the dread inducing helmet in place. “I had to be sure there were no dangers before I could talk to you face to face.” As the helmet lowered, before him stood the most beautiful brunette with icy blue eyes that would cool a burning heart at every glance into them. “It’s nice to meet you Dustin, my name is Trisha, you can call me Trish; it appears the experiment was a success.”
“What do you know of Allure’s work?” Trisha asked the puzzled intern as they walked about the ruined building. “Well I know the doctor was obsessed with proving the existence of an alternate universe.” Dustin said. “To be honest, I never really understood why he picked me. I haven’t even seen the machine in person yet-“Debris fell around them in the remains of the facility. “We should head to Exodus,” the woman commanded as Dustin stared at the rubble that fell around them. They started walking down hallways that did not hold a place in Dustin’s memory. Trisha kept looking at the gadgets on her wrist every few meters hitting a button or two. “You see Dustin, Allure is dead, well in this reality he is anyway. Vanished two decades ago in an event similar to the one that brought you here.” Dustin tried to catch a glance at Trisha’s eyes as they walked out of the ruins looking for the joke, but one could not be found. “That bastard sacrificed this place to get you back.”
“What the hell are you talking about Trisha? Allure handed me this chip yesterday, he wanted it installed this afternoon. He said it was to align the plates for his laser array, before buzzing off to fiddle with some other part of the machine.” Dustin exclaimed grabbing Trish’s arm revealing the chip from his shirt pocket. “It’s a multipass Dustin, not much further now.” Trish exclaimed palming the device breaking Dustin’s hold on her. They came upon a thick doorway, illuminated by odd coils that seemed to supply its power. The coils grew brighter and air escaped; the doorway began to open. Trish and Dustin moved through the structure and emerged into a grand hall, brightly lit and full of machines and gadgets ticking away, each tendered by a diligent lab hand. As the two exited the colossal structure, all eyes became fixated upon them. Dustin was slightly taken back at the reaction to their entrance. “I know you’re probably buzzing with questions, they’ll be answered in time.” Trish said turning to Dustin.
The door locks sighed closed as workers lined themselves up two by two as they approached Trisha and Dustin. Trish reached her arm to her opposite shoulder in a form of salute as the first of the technicians bowed to great them. “So, the prodigal son has returned…” a voice muttered from beside the pair. Vigorously limping towards them was an intimidating man, he was graying and his face was scarred. Dustin noticed that his leg was a mechanized replacement. “You owe us much boy.” the man said greeting them. Dustin reached to introduce himself when two workers clamped restraints on his arms dragging him to the ground. “Your father made two mistakes; first being consumed by your loss that he disobeyed direct orders, thus destroying our city scattering us to this technological sanctuary, Exodus!” The man roared “and the second, sending you back alone without bringing himself to face trial for the disaster caused by his betrayal.” His voice growing dark and oppressive.
“Sir, don’t you think he should find placement in the facilities instead? Life’s hard here, we need all the help we can get.” Trish said as she handed the multipass to the mysterious man. “I do not need any more subordination! Your services are no longer needed mongrel!” the man shouted as he snatched the device and drew a pistol from his mechanized leg aiming it at Trisha’s head. An explosion overhead shook the gigantic room and through the smoke and debris; armored mecha descended the breach placing themselves between the fanatics, and their prisoners. Sounds of chaos crept up as smoke filled the hall, Trisha grabbed Dustin’s restraints and clutched one of the armored behemoths. The mech rocketed up through the hole from which it came escorted by the others. “As suspected Station; Harmon’s gone mad, Exodus is lost, the revolution has begun…” Trisha sighed.