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After her long duty, she walks into the library which is next to her work place. She still remember her session with one of her patients that day, a well-known physicists in the country who is suffered from deep depression after the death of his wife a year ago. Dr Edward is a dedicated physicist who is very popular in the You Tube where he gives series of lectures on Quantum Physics and General Relativity for public. She had once watched his lectures but it is difficult even though the explanations was very nice for layman like her.

“I watched it once, but it is difficult for my level! However, it was a very nice explanation for layman like me who just learnt about basic natural science in school” She just remember her first meeting with Dr Edward. He just smile when she talk about his famous You Tube channel. After his tragic loss, he just quit. A very talented physicist who is capable to relate every situation and emotion to the quantum phenomenon always fascinated Dr Anne.
Back to the library, Dr Anne tried to feed her curiosity about Quantum Multiverse, some unrelated topics that catch her attention after a very long sessions with Ed. As a psychiatrist, she try her very best to understand her patient and also her late best friend’s husband.

It’s been eight years since they meet each other after graduation. Seeing Anne back has overwhelmed him, his first love before he meet his late wife.

“Hello Ed.” Anne said, with a warm smile on her face.

“Not in this world Anne and this confirms that it’s never in this reality that we’ll be together. But I’m glad that we are together in another reality and you look this ravishing.” Ed said with a glow in his eyes.

“Ed, I am sorry to hear about your wife,” said Dr Anne.

“Even I’m not living with her anymore in this world, but I am happy because we are still living together in another world”. Ed still Ed, always deflecting when it is come into his feeling.

“Come-on Edward, you still believe in your many world interpretation?, I think you should never have enter quantum mechanics classes, but then, Hugh Everett, would be proud of you on strong believe!” Anne said, and they both laughed.

“Well, you are right Anne, there is another world in which I took my forgone alternative, and choose to be a surgeon but I wouldn’t met you, so I prefer this world, because it has produced the alternate world in which we are together.”

“This is serious Ed, you graduated as a best student, you should not believe in such fairy tales.”

Anne drifted back to their conversations, “the knowledge of many world gives me joy and it is my source of inspiration. The only issue is that all this worlds are disjointed. But the alternate decisions you made playing out itself in another world. I hope that one day, I will find a way to make connections to another alternate world, and I have just one world in mind, it is the world I can be together with my wife even she is not around anymore, we are still entangled,” Entangled? I do not what exactly the meaning of the word that he used.

“Yes, you knew it”

Dr Ed just sat there and their eyes locked, until they finish their session that day.
In the library, Dr Anne walks aimlessly to the physics section. But then, on the top shelf, something catch her attention. She tries to reach it, but once she pulls that books dust falls on her forehead, obviously, this book has not been touch for a long time!.

When she skimmed through that book, some of the contents grab her attention. The book “God Does Not Play Dice” really fascinated her, it explain some technical part but still can be understood, yet full of philosophical ideas.

In first chapter, she reads about the historical background of the quantum theory development, especially, in early 1900s. The quantum argument initiated from Blackbody Radiation Problem, where Max Planck changed the beliefs among physicists about the continuous measurement. “May be it was an infidel faith in that time” said Anne.

While in chapter two shows the conflict of two major topics in modern physics, Copenhagen interpretation and EPR paradox. They argued on the probability of wavefunctions. Copenhagen interpretation was founded by Niels Bohr, Werner Heisenberg and other physicists attempt to understand the world of atoms while EPR paradox (Einstein-Podolsky-Rosen paradox)n is a gedanken (thought) that suggested the wave function does not provide a complete description of physical reality, and hence that the Copenhagen interpretation is unsatisfactory where as we know, Einstein was the most prominent person who against the Copenhagen interpretation.

“This makes me lost, but still a very nice history” I should borrow this book and as Anne reach the counter, the librarian look shocked.

“Where do you get this book? She said.

Dr Anne pointed at the rack QC36 - 130 “On the top shelf” she replied.
The librarian replied back, “This is not ours, it does not belong to this library.” She hands that book to Dr Anne and says, “Now, it is all yours, have a nice reading”

She walks outside and still puzzled with what just happened.

“Where is this book comes from and who is the owner?”

“If I’m in another multiverse, I think I will not have this book at all”, she smile with the thought and walk outside.

About the Author: 
Mohd Faudzi Umar is a PhD candidate from INSPEM Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) and he is also an academic staff of Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI).