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When in a superposition a quantum object can exist in two or more states at once. A person can be both alieve and dead at the same time.
Albert fired up the machine. The engine blew hot air out of the grids and then started to make a loud noise. The gate’s lights started blinking. It was powered up. The noises became louder and louder by the second until it reached a high pitched tone that could pierce right through your brain. Then a lightning bolt appeared inside the gate as the whole system shut down. Albert wrote on his computer: “Interdimensional rift creating experiment, attempt 105 failed. More power required”
- Sweetheart, please go to sleep. It’s 3 in the morning.
Albert looked at Gini standing at the stairs with big, expressive brown eyes. Her red hair looked a lot more disordered than they normally do. Albert didn’t know if she had just woken up the sounds of the machines or she was waiting for him to come. Either way he was really surprised to see her down in the basement.
- Honey I’m really close, I can feel it. All it needs is more power. If my calculations are right it should take about…
- All you care about is your work. You don’t give me any attention anymore, she cried.
Albert hugged Gini as her hot tears imbued his sweaty Star Wars T-shirt.
- That’s not true my love, he comforted her. I am in the verge of an astonishing discovery that could change the world as we…
- When will you realize that this isn’t your job anymore? The university stopped finding your research weeks ago. And look at you now, Al! You are just some looser in his basement trying to play God with stolen public equipment, Gini shouted.
Albert then, with a face full surprise, sat on the armchair and put his face between his knees. His wife approached him slowly as she oozed guilt.
- Al, I’m sorry I didn’t mean to…
- You think I do this for the money? He shouted at her surprise.
- You think I do this for the fame? Of course not! I do this to unravel the mysteries of the world, I do this to advance science and, last but not least, I do this for me! And I will keep doing it until my last breath on this planet.
Gini was speechless, but after a few seconds she screamed at her husband:
- Albert Edward Stevenson, you are a crazy man, and she slammed the door as she left.
- Little she knows. Am I right Schrödinger?
Schrödinger meowed once and then went back to sleep, as he used to do.
- Little does anybody know, Albert moaned.
And it was true. Dozens of people had doubted him, or even called him a mad scientist in the past. He recalls the times when the other kids at school used to call him a nerd and bully him because of his interest in sciences. Although, he had more of an obsession than an interest in them. While other kids looked up to actors, models or football stars he idolized Isaac Newton, Nikola Tesla and ,of course, Albert Einstein. All his life he was teased about what he loved but he didn’t gave up on his dream. And then, one day, he was given an opportunity to turn his dream into reality. A university would fund his research on an interdimensional rift creating machine. But, after months without results the university pulled the plug on his research.
- Mourns, he mumbled, they gave financial support to greatest scientific experiment of all time and they decided to give up. Well I won’t. Then silence filled the room.
He would try for the last time.
Albert slowly pulled the lever.
The engine was on.
That was it.
The machine made a loud noise.
That was the end.
The gate’s lights started blinking.
The end of his research.
The noises became louder and louder by the second.
The end of his dream.
Then, instead of a lightning bolt, a spinning, glowing white orb appeared in the middle of the gate. Albert remained speechless. He had done it. He had finally done it. He was the century’s greatest scientist! By that time the orb kept spinning in higher and higher speeds until it flattened out into a glowing white disk and then into a flat mirror. Or was it really a mirror?
Albert approached the mirror with caution. The Albert inside the mirror did the same.
- We made it at last, said the Albert inside the mirror.
- We truly did, said Albert.
- Now it’s time for experiment number 2, Albert from inside the mirror said as he pulled a gun from his pants, can a superposition be possible?
Albert froze in his position for a moment. He couldn’t believe that after all this trying he would be killed by himself. But he watched in terror as he observed the other Albert start crying and pointing the weapon to his own head.
- For science, said the other Albert.
- For science, said Albert.

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Christos Dalakos, or Chris for short, is a man of many interests. He’s a huge geek and proud of it. He’s also an American with no memory of ever being in the U.S. He currently lives in a faraway land that defies space and time, some call it Greece.