Madness and Dark Matter

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This universe humans call vast is nothing more than a grain of sand in the desert of reality. So many different universes and dimensions surrounding one another yet never quite touching. An unlimited pool of options. What does this all mean? Reality is a lie. Nothing is true for anyone but yourself and the beings that have achieved consciousness and gained understanding of the possibilities that their existence is not crucial, or even important to anyone but themselves. Can the simple mind fathom the idea of endless dimensions stacked one on top and around the others? Will anyone ever be able to?
So far no one has been able to understand what existence is. People pretend to when in a trance-like state induced by narcotics or otherwise, what they claim to be, divine light; those who have come closest to understanding reality seem to be in the works of fiction.
Teleportation, invisibility, duplication, intangibility. All of these sound like super powers straight out of your ordinary comic book. Nothing further from the truth, right? You might be surprised.
All of the aforementioned are real. Maybe they can’t be done by the average Joe but it does happen in the real world, at a quantum level. What does quantum mean? It’s smallest kind of energy or matter. It is this that Maxwell is trying to harness in order to break through the boundaries of what humanity thinks reality is.

Maxwell sat in his lab one day in a drunken haze. Yet another experiment gone wrong, the 5th one this year and with the most disastrous effect. A small fire burned his records making most of the valuable information gathering futile.
Half way done with the second bottle of rum Max stopped and looked over at the door, hoping someone could come in and solve the issues he had or at least pleasured him to make him forget. Neither happened so he decided to go back to his drink, passing out on the spot shortly after.

Rebecca stepped back into the lab and saw Max’s body slumped over the table, snoring, with a bottle of rum that fell and soaked his pants through. With a sigh Rebeca approached the sleeping man and started tidying his workspace from all the papers, books and devices that littered the place, forgotten in frustration.
“Why do you insist on doing this to yourself, Max?” She asked to the air.
“He doesn’t know what else to do.” Rebeca spun around looking for the source of the voice. She could only make out an outline on the far end of the room, next to the door.
“It’s okay, Rebecca, don’t worry. I’m just here to help myself.” The figure spoke as it stepped into the light. It was Max! But he was laying on the table behind her, still snoring. She didn’t want to take her eyes off the newcomer in fear.
“I know it looks weird but I’m just here to deliver this.” He rummaged through his bag and pulled out an envelope and a box, “Give this to me when I wake up.” With that he stepped back into the shadows, his outline growing blurry until he was but a smudge on a lens. Then he was gone.
That was the moment Rebecca decided to quit smoking. She was too young to lose her mind like that, but there it was, an envelope and a package.
She could hear Max, the one she knew was Max, waking up.
“Hey ,” He slurred wiping drool off his face, “What time is it?”
“Time to quit drinking. You left yourself a package.” She said, no mockery in her voice.
Max looked down at his pants and winced “Don’t tell me I peed myself…”
“No, that’s rum. Here.” She reluctantly picked up the box and envelope and handed them over to Max.
“How long was I out? When did I even do this? What is this anyway?”
“I don’t know, I came back from my smoke break five minutes ago. You were passed out right there on that table, snoring like a bear.”
“That’s wei-” Max stopped himself mid-sentence and dashed out the room to the bathroom down the hall, box still in hand.
Once he was done dumping his guts on the toilet he sat down on the floor and inspected the envelope first.
It was a packet of formulas and procedures all about the quantum field and properties of quartz like he had been investigating until the lab caught fire. His excitement and surprise became even greater when he got the last few pages. They spoke of a ways to give objects unreal abilities. Since the particles at a sub-atomic level are so small they are everywhere, but scientists hadn’t been able to pinpoint their location or exact size. That is because these particles will create enough energy to break free when they are enclosed. If you did this to enough particles at the same time you could phase through solid objects or disappear.
Max couldn’t believe it. He rushed to open the box where several small, see-through canisters filled with thick, inky black mist lay on top of a syringe gun. A note was attached to it. “Caution. Dark matter.” Impossible, Maxwell thought. Dark matter has never been seen, only talked about.
He decided not to waste any more time. He loaded up the first canister on the syringe and a roll of toilet paper. Shoving the syringe through it carelessly and clicked the trigger. The mist soaked through the paper making it feel light and cold as it fell through his hand and through the floor.
Mad with delight he loaded up a second canister and punctured his arm with the syringe. Click-
The world melted away. He was falling but he couldn’t feel himself resist the pull of gravity. Endlessly falling. The air ripped out of his lungs. He went quiet, miles under the earth. Molten into shadows. Dissolved into madness and dark matter.