Link Between Photons

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Link wiped the sweat from his brow. The spewed fire from the evil statues stationed in the corners of the dungeon was getting on the adventurer’s nerves. If only they would stop that, he thought with a grimace. He kept one eye on the latest fireball, and the other scanning for the enemy he had come to destroy.

There he is. Link saw his swine-like adversary out of the corner of his eye from behind his shield. He raised his sword, and swiped at the evil wizard. With singular focus, Link swung his sword in a wide arch, hoping to chop off a bit of Ganon. Suddenly, the beast disappeared! Link knew where the wizard was, so how could he not know where he was going? Frustrated, the hero effortlessly dodged a fire ball. As he spun he hoped to find his enemy again, but was unable.

Then in the center of the room Ganon appeared without warning. Link rushed forward, swinging wildly. He knew where Ganon was and he knew where Ganon would go. Or so he thought. Just as he was about to destroy his enemy with a perfectly aimed blow, the wizard was gone without a trace. Why? Link screamed in his head.

He stopped to consider his options. Link knew where Ganon was, but when he tried to swing, he could not know where Ganon would be. To properly time the sweep of his sword he needed to know both pieces of information. Ganon was like no monster he had ever faced before and obeyed quantum laws rather than classical.

He put his sword back in its scabbard and desperately dug through his pocket. Bombs? No. Candles? Nope. What about the boomerang? Not enough power. Food? What was that doing here? No matter. Suddenly, something in his pouch pricked Link’s finger. He drew out his hand, along with the light arrows that had been bestowed upon him. The words of the old man in the cavern returned to Link, “Only one thing can stop evil. Light. Use it wisely.”

There was the solution! Link knocked one of the precious arrows to his bow. He closed one eye, looked down the shaft, spotted where the bad guy was, and… Ganon began to move! Link tried to follow him, but could only tell where he was going, not where he was. Hopelessly, Link loosed the arrow, which bounced harmlessly off the far wall. Link growled with rage. How was he ever going to stop this insanity?

“Remember,” a voice echoed in his mind. “The Triforce…” Link wondered how he could have been so blind. The Triforce, the one thing he had fought long and hard to obtain, was equally matched by the wizard’s own Triforce. Each piece, Link had heard, was entangled in such a way that the magic was in the same position for each- working, or not. If Link were to turn off his Triforce magic, it would also hinder Ganon. The act was not without its risk. Link would not have to protection of the ancient powers, making himself vulnerable. He decided to take the chance.

Swiftly Link took the magical triangle from his bag and held it over his head, flipping it upside down in the same motion. Power off. Just then, Ganon appeared, stunned by the change to his power. Link scrambled to knock the next Light Arrow. He knew that at any moment Ganon could strike his own blow, or reverse the position of his Triforce. In an instance Link’s fortune could be reversed.

Three. Link aimed his weapon carefully, while Ganon was busy trying to flip his Triforce. Two. Link steadied himself. One.

The Light Arrow flew through the air sailing straight for its target. Link held his breath. His heart pounded with anticipation. The moment he waited for was at hand.

The smile on his face faded away as his eyes grew wide with terror. The arrow head started to waver as if it were underwater. The waves of light hit Ganon and did as much damage as if Link had splashed a bucket of water on his foe. Ganon stared questioningly at Link. The hero was dismayed. He only had one arrow left, and virtually no time to defeat Ganon before all would be lost.

It was in that moment that a long lost memory entered into Link’s mind. Some time ago, Link was traveling through the desert. He remembered the way the light from the hot sun shone down onto the sand ground, rippling in waves. Link had been fascinated by this phenomenon. The longer he looked, the more water behaved like light. When he looked away, however, the light bounced off the earth as if it were a string of particles.

The new idea occurred to Link as if he had been smacked in the face. Observing the light made it act as water, with a harmless effect. To penetrate Ganon, the arrow would have to not be observed. Link must force himself not to watch.

He prepared his last shot. Quickly, he shut his eyes and knocked his cherished arrow. Pointing in what he hoped was the right direction, he breathed out to slowly. With fear flooding through his veins, he released his hold on the bow string. Fighting the urge to open his eyes, Link heard the arrow whiz through the air. The arrow flew true, behaving just as Link had hoped. A roar of anguish reverberated through the dungeon as the dark wizard fell.

Link sighed with relief. The world had been saved, and the hero wasn't completely sure how. All he knew was that the world was a lot stranger than meets the eye.

About the Author: 
My name is Autumn Smith. I'm a high school student in Washington State. I love horseback riding, the Twilight Zone and anything related to science.