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I am trapped in between time and space where different parallel universes meet. I don't know how to get out of here this place is strange it is beyond anyones imagination. I just don't know how to describe it, it is like a dream. This was my dream if this experiment was reversed out as I thought. It was my aspiration to build a time machine, this is every ones dream to build one, but I have a strong reason behind building it. When I was two and half years old my family meets a fatal accident in which my father had lost his one leg so I have seen my father working hard, going through unbearable pain. For this one reason I wanted to build time machine I just wanted to stop that accident . Every one uses to tell me at the time of the accident, both my mom and dad was unconscious and I was the one who has given all the details which seems to be magical to many. From my childhood, I have a very good six sense my dreams always come true they are like instinct. As I grew up I start thinking that all this is just my thought nothing else. One day before the experiment day there was a birthday party of my friend’s daughter, she got one year old my friend force me to come to the party as invited all our friends after so many calls and request he finally convinced me to come to the party although I don't want to go as the next day was the big day of my life. But now I am so thankful to him I still remember that night when we were all talking and suddenly my friend said, if you will continue to work like this then one day you have to marry my daughter, and everyone burst into laugh. On experiment day all things were set I was a bit nervous as it took me all strengths to make this day a reality. We started a machine, it was going all right, numerous computers were monitoring it, they were showing the required results everything was going perfect, then suddenly all computers started buzzing. The system started dragging electricity from throughout the city, sparks were coming out of the machine. It created a vacuum which was sucking everything in the room. We were holding whatever a strong support we are getting, but. One of my colleague lost her control and was getting dragged into it, I don't know what I was thinking I hold thick cable and moved towards her I grab her, she holds the cable in this quest I lost my control and got sucked into it. From that day I am trapped in it, I am finding numerous way out, but I have come across a fact that I can travel between time and space even in different parallel universes. I have moved across many such dimensions and to my surprise in every dimension I was there, but in different kinds like I was green colored alien with a big head, in other I was like a water monster that planet was full of water, it name was nella, one of the planets was exactly like ours but everything was totally opposite of us and many others. I am able to connect to each of them, I can see each of them’s future and can even change it, but not totally only a part of it I can communicate with them by their dreams. Changing of any event in one universe leads to the change in order that change can be of any type. It is all based on the quantum theory of entanglement I in different universes are connected with each by spooky effect that means changes in one lead to a change in another. I was been there at the time of the accident, I am not able to stop it. The only thing I am able to do is just to give more intellect to the little one to tell information about my family. Every dreams I use to see was the way I communicate with me tell about my future. Suddenly everything got back I don't know what is happening to me, I am screaming for help. Suddenly someone holds me, I open my eyes, I was in hospital. Doctor injected me with medicine and I got unconscious. Next time when I woke up I was surrounded by a doctor, scientist and everyone was curious that what happen to me they have rebuild the time machine. I ask about my parents, they told me they have shifted to Paris as an organization has declared me dead and they wanted to go away from the city. I was not allowed to contact anyone because the organization has to carry out much information from me. As I have been there for 23 years, but I have not aged I was 26 after 23 years also. I was taken care of a beautiful girl I fall in love with her I proposed her she said yes. We get married, she was an orphan as her parents were dying in an accident. After marriage, she took me to her old house she was my friend's daughter whose birthday party I have attended. I felt very bad about her parents, her dad was my very best friend I told her everything about that day she was surprised. One night when I was sleeping someone shook me it was my dad, I was so happy I hug him and ask him when he was back from Paris. He gave me a blunt look and said what the hell when I went to Paris and was you were sleeping don't you want to study for your tomorrows quantum physics paper. After coming to sense I realize it was all my dream which I can’t forget or a message from my future.

About the Author: 
I am a free thinker, I usually stuck my head in the clouds and come with some crazy ideas and thoughts . I get my inspiration from cartoon. If I want to describe me in a single word, it will be a thinker.