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I developed the worlds first quantum computer.I have told no one of my discovery,excluding my dear little sister Hayley,I could hide nothing from her,but yet,I may have also destroyed her.Please,you don't have to tell me,I know I am truly just a monster,but I can't help it.Somewhere in the universe my sister didn't die,thanks to the quantum theory,which I have stabilized and certified within my sister and I as a fact.

After I built the quantum computer,I began to realize that if I entangled more particles,and did some other grunt work,I could finally teleport a person,not just small particles.I then tried to transport the only light in my life,my dear small sister Hayley.Hayley was the person I was always myself around,I knew I could relax around her,because she knew me the best.We both grew up in the same undesirable circumstances.Every night she would wake up crying,and I would be the one to go and comfort her,although she thought I was just comforting her for her own sake,I was also comforting her for my sake.When ever I comforted her I could recall that I was humane,and that I was not just a part of this war that was destroying a world in this one universe,but I was also the one person who knew how to save it.Hayley and I are sisters,we always have been.We were recruited by the government when I was nine years old,and Hayley four,to work in a laboratory and develop new technology that could be useful to our nation since we had just joined into the fighting of World War III.I am a child genius,gifted in my small home town stricken by poverty.My parents were glad Hayley and I were drafted into the labs,it gave us a shot to achieve something.Since I was a genius,they saw potential in Hayley to become someone just like I am,in their eyes a genius,in my own a monster.I finished constructing the quantum computer when I was twelve.I had my own lab building,Hayley and I lived there alone,and we would get occasional phone calls making sure we were alive,and asking if we had done anything worth while.I told Hayley about the computer two weeks after I made it,I told her not to tell anyone about it,she complied.I didn't want anyone to know because they would only take away the computer,I wanted to continue working with the computer and develop human teleportation that is as safe and effective as possible.I still did not let my desires deprive my country of benefits.I warned the government of missile strikes that were off of their radar,and of natural disasters only the quantum computer could detect,thanks to its ability to rule out seemingly infinite possibilities so quickly.Then,two years later I made a stable capsule capable of teleportation in my lab.After that,in order to stabilize a capsule somewhere else I needed to travel,I requested to be moved to another lab on the other side of the country,my request was approved and Hayley and I established the capsule there in a year.We then moved back to our home laboratory and bickered about who would be the one to do the daunting task of trying to teleport first.

"You can't be the one to teleport Desmia,what if something goes wrong?What if you really are not transported,but are just a clone like copy?Could you live with all the alleged falseness Desmia?You're the one who knows more about this!The world needs you!I am a small sacrifice for this cause.I am insufficient compared to you.I will not allow you to teleport Desmia!"That was Hayley's argument regarding the topic.I was pathetic enough to give her what she wanted.

I gave Hayley instructions and sent her to the other capsule to attempt the teleportation. As far as we can tell we were successful,but I am uncertain whether or not Hayley was transported,or if she was copied and her original form destroyed into nothingness.I sadly believe the latter for moronic hypothetical reasons.I also believe that each choice we make,which outcome becomes,every small choice that you didn't even know is a choice,happens in reverse in every combination possible,in a parallel universe you are unaware of.In that universe,you could be everything and nothing,that is what you are in this universe.You are everywhere,but nowhere.That's what troubled my ancestors isn't?It's hard to accept the fact that you are a multitude of things.It had been drilled into their society that everything is solid and definite,but that's just like skimming the surface of an infinite sea of possibilities.It shouldn't matter to you what happens to my sister and I,but it should matter how you want to change the world like I am about to.The computer has confirmed a high probability of many worlds my friend,and I am determined to discover them all.Please remember and learn from my story,nothing is impossible,only improbable.

About the Author: 
Megan Hudnall is an aspiring Author.Her dream is to attend an Ivy league College.Megan enjoys reading,writing and preforming.Megan also takes interest in scientific theories,Japanese Culture and Psychology.When her friends describe her in one word they say,"Hard Working.Kind.Forgiving.Talented."