Harnessing The Power

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Why are you doing this, was the question many asked him. And he would reply, “Why aren't you?”

“It would evaporate, not expand,” one scientist told him. A professor that normally spent his days grading papers and reading, not doing anything.

But Frederick was different. He was doer. Sure he spent his days reading and grading papers. But one day, things changed for him. He gave his class an essay challenge: an essay on space. Many did their essays on Venus, Mars, even Uranus. One even did one about Earth. It was preachy, but worthy of a B. But one student, perhaps the only one so far, did a paper on Black Holes. A Micro Black Hole to be exact. So detailed, in fact, it made him forget all the other papers that filled his desk.

Being a physics teacher was exhausting. Question, questions, and even more questions. There wasn't a single day that he didn't see a hand raised. He had dreams. Many. He wanted to find a way to create a portal to the multiverse, wanted to discover interstellar travel, wanted to discover hyperdive! But he was just a teacher. But as he read the essay, for what felt like the fourth time, he felt rejuvenated. He came upon an interesting passage which mentioned that a Black Hole could, in theory, create unlimited possibilities. Could it be the step in creating a working way to travel deep space within seconds?

He felt his dreams come back to him, and a way to escape from the daily grind of school life. He wanted to be someone, not just a teacher. To make an impact. And the way to do it was the lab. Not the lab located next to his classroom, but the private one. Underneath the school, with soundproof walls and a clean environment. Student weren't allowed, and teachers were seldom allowed, only with permission. But luckily, he knew the president of the university. Thomas. Said university president was once a NASA tech, so if anyone could understand the need for this experiment, it was him.

And like he predicted, the man said yes. But only on the condition he worked when the school was vacant, for safety. And also, he must submit progress reports every two days. He accepted, and within four months, he finally saw some improvements in his experiment. Two of the four months were spent trying to get machines and tools to use, and he had just finished designing and old invention of his.

In the middle of the room, a clear square box sat. It was nearly five foot in height, and five foot in length. The box actually had a machine that went with it, to fully simulate anti-gravity. He would love to take credit for making it, but alas, he only borrowed it. Another device was hooked up to the box, this one he was proud to call his. The device he finally finished making. It was actually three years in development, but he found a reason to finish with the experiment. He was too excited to come up with a name, or a scientific term for it, but the purpose of the device was to create escape velocity.

He could've used the Large Hadron Collider, like the president of the university told him to do, but he felt confident. His device would spin, and create the escape velocity needed to create what he hoped would be a black hole. And finally, the last device would control how much mass that the object has, or will have.

With everything hooked up, and the school finally empty, he typed in the amount of mass he thought would be fitting, and watched as the machine started up. The first time he started the machine, the lights in the school actually blew out. Thomas was understandably upset, but after some tinkering, he doubted the same problem would arise.

It was amazing what happened next. He stepped closer, pass the yellow caution tape that lined the floor. A black mass filled the middle of the box, it looked as if it was dancing underwater. It took only a second for it to form a sphere, then, it formed a disc.

“Amazing,” he whispered in awe. Light bent and distorted around the object.

“There is a reason no one has tried this,” he remembered what Thomas said before he even agreed to let Frederick use the lab. The anti-gravity box wasn't meant to contain something of that mass, mainly to simulate effects on insects, plants, and other organisms.

“I know for a fact I can create a miniature black hole, and contain it.” Frederick argued back. “If there is a way to harness the power...”

If there is a way to harness the power, Frederick mumbled to himself, watching the spectacle before him. How would controlling a black hole lead to deep space travel, he predicted someone would ask. That's easy. It shows the ability too harness and control the mass of an object. The ability to bend space and time to reach the edge of the universe, or perhaps, even further. Or maybe, this could be the key to teleporting objects.

His name would be written in the history books.

He typed a new mass into the computer, and watched as the machine made it happen. His eyes lit up. “What was on the other side of a black hole?” That was another reason he wanted to do this experiment. Would it take him to another universe? To another planet?

The Black Hole expanded once more. The glass cracked.

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