The Golden Code

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Harold woke up at 9 o’clock and began preparing breakfast. He was proud to be the butler of James Ayers. His employer was a famous collector of antiques. His villa was just like a little museum. In his collection there were stamps, statues, paintings etc. He put the breakfast on a tray and began walking to bring it to his employer. Then, he saw it.

The floor was full of broken glass. There were pieces of it everywhere on the carpet. He searched for the broken showcase. It had the number 203 on it. When he realised that it was empty, the tray fell off his hands.

The mobile of Howard Davis, the best detective of London, began ringing. He didn’t know who it was and started talking.
-Howard Davis, may I help you?
-Hello, my name is Harold Brassington and I am a butler. A burglary happened at my employer’s villa. Could you help me?
-Excuse me but I don’t usually work on Sundays.
-It’s really important. A precious piece of art was stolen.
Howard thought that he was in need of money.
-Okay, I can make an exception. Could you tell me the adress of your employer?
-Yes, it’s 237 Oxford street.

When Howard arrived at the villa, he was surprised to find out that it belonged to James Ayers, the famous collector. He parked his car and rang the doorbell. A man opened the big wooden door and asked him: “Mr Davis? Please come in.”.

He stepped in and saw a large living room. He sat on a sofa. He thought that it should cost
a lot of money. Another man was sitting in an armchair. He guessed that it should be James.
-Welcome Mr Davis, he said. I’m glad to see you. I am James Ayers.
-Of course. You are one of the most famous collectors in London, aren’t you?
-Well, I have a lot of antiques, such as old coins, stamps and paintings. And now, the most valuable item of my collection is stolen! My favourite one, too. I can’t believe it.
-Which item is stolen? Your butler didn’t tell me.
-I told him not to. He simply followed my instructions.
-May I ask why?
-Because I don’t want anyone to know that the stolen item is a Fabergé egg.

Howard couldn’t believe it.
-What? A Fabergé egg?
-But how is that possible?
-Well, I have travelled all over the world and I’ve taken part in a lot of auctions. I found the egg in an auction in Russia years ago. Almost nobody knows its existence.
-Okay. Could I have a look at the show window?
-Yes, of course. Please follow me.
He started walking to a hall. Harold and Howard followed him.
-I didn’t notice a lot of security. Why?
-They know how to hide.
They arrived at a closed door. There were two guards standing next to it. After talking a bit with them, James opened the door.
Old coins, paintings, jewels, stamps, statues and old maps were placed in glass showcases. One of them was broken. Pieces of glass were scattered on the floor.

After asking some questions, Howard asked to see the videotape of the security cameras. He noticed that for some time the whole system was closed. He returned to his flat and began solving the mystery.

After some time, he concluded that the videotapes should be closed by someone having access to them. The house had a very safe security system equiped with cameras and there were sensors everywhere. The only ones who could close the cameras were... the butler and the guards.

He went quickly to Mr Ayer’s villa and asked him where his butler was. He told him that he had a day off and that two guards also couldn’t be there. Howard thought that things went from bad to worse. After asking from him the adress of his butler, he drove as fast as he could to his house.

He was late. Harold was nowhere. Howard looked at his notes and found out that he had planned to live in half an hour with a plane. He drove quickly to the airport and saw him walking to a private jet. Howard couldn’t imagine what he was doing there, so he followed him quickly and managed to hide in the toilet of the jet. He was lucky not to be caught by anyone. Soon after that, the plane took off.

Hours later, they landed in another airport. He couldn’t guess in which. When Harold got out of the plane, he mimiced him. He followed him but he wasn’t lucky that time. He saw a man approaching him.
-Hello, Mr Davis. I’m glad to finally see you. Harold told me a lot about you.
-Where am I? And who are you?
-You are at the Bermuda Triangle. And I am the president of the Quantum Physics Organisation (Q.P.D.). We try to discover as much as we can about Quantum Physics. I’ve learnt that you’ve met three members of our organisation. I guess you have a lot of questions. Please follow me and I’ll explain you everything.
They started walking in a large building with a lot of strange machines.
-Some gases and ions absorb several colours. We use them to hide the island we are on at the moment. We’ve created a myth about the triangle and no one comes here.
-And why did you steal the egg?
-We didn’t steal it. James Ayern stole it from us and we took it back. It’s important, because there are secrets about quantum physics in it. Fabergé was also a scientist. He had made a lot of discoveries and with the eggs could contact with Alexander III and Nicholas II and describe them his theories. And that’s why we need you. You might help us find all the eggs and find out the secrets?
-Well, I accept your offer.

From now on, Howard was a member of Q.P.D.

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I am a 13-year old student from Greece.