Finance is Quatntum

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The math states otherwise. Was all I could hear from my next door roommate? He was a returned Peace Corps volunteer and PhD physicist failure in other aspects in his life kept on saying when looking at a crumpled piece of paper. He had been playing the stock market again with eigenvalue stating that quantum physics equations could potentially provide a system to foretell where and when a price would be reached. Steve was an interesting person to speak with, but at times he was way out there. What West African country he had been stuck in teaching math as a peace corps volunteer must have had a riot with him. His equation that was on the crumpled paper, which I retrieved from the garbage can was interesting. After inputting placed past cost eigenvalue in the expected equation, I came up with the rather close buy dates in the answer. This was exciting. I brought the paper back to Steve and asked why he was upset with the equation. His reply was that the equation worked up until 1989. Since it was only 1993, I asked what happens then? The equation spouts an answer that does not correlate with any of the dates. Since I had only used dates, I could find on-line in 1993 in the past decade and had not gotten up to the year 1990, I asked what happens then. The math spits out an answer that does not correspond with anything. Being a business major at the time, I asked an obvious question what month in 1989 did the equation stops working. Steve said he did not know but he then toke down a notebook and started to review answers in his equation. March was the answer. I thought about his answer for a while outside his presence. Being a business major I came up with a different answer then Steve and had to go to the library to use the Internet. Looking up laws at that time I came up with one stating how sizeable corporations had to announce in a statement prior to making large purchases of a company. These statements had to go through a central government organization which handles all the data. Thinking outside of the box I wondered if a government organization was manipulating the stock prices prior to public knowledge to the public about the stocks. I was excited because not being a math major or genius, I figured that this added fact would be easy to add to the equation. Heading back to the dorms the police or government agents were entering Steve's room. The story going around after which was Steve had performed a bet on one of the hs equations and had been actually able to make a win netted him ten million dollars. Anyway not knowing what else to do I put the paper away for a time. I never got to see Steve again. My mail to him was unanswered and after his initial arraignment, the school forgot about him. I graduated from college that following spring. I went to work as an analyst for the defense department forgetting about the crumpled equation in a box somewhere in my mom closet. Over the years I went to on to get my master's degree. In a derivative class in high finance, I got reintroduced to a form of the equation all those years ago. The equation was not as complex, and if I understood the unknown had huge risks to it. I started using the equation in 2006 to buy properties, which had fallen by a price of half. I figured that I could make money. In 2008, I went bankrupt because of the equation I was using was missing something. This made me think about Steve's statement all those years ago about something changing the market. In 2013, Snowden made a claim that NSA was manipulating the stock market prices. 2015 on a television show talking about the NSA was a spoke's person who I recognized. His name was not Steve but there on the screen was Steve. It makes me wonder if the government is financing itself at the expense of people who try to use a standard quantum equation to measure a probability of a future return.

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Clinton Siegle is a poet who lives in La Paz Bolivia and watches his daughters while raising a puppy. He has won honorable mention in Poetry Matters 2014. He has been published in Oddball. He has a degree in Microbiology from Montana State University and Masters from University of Phoenix.