The Experiment

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I was on a quest to find a portal to all knowledge, and dimensions,
i was determined to answer the most fundamental of all human questions.
Why are we here?,
where do we go?
I dedicated many years to researching near death experiences,
Quantum physics,
energy, spirituality, nature, space, religion, and history.
Anything that could get me closer to the truth.
I let my studies become my obsession,
i wanted to experience the truth first hand.
I decided to conduct an experiment, one that would allow my soul to leave my body, and come back.
It would stop my heart, and bring it back to life after exacly one minute.
The moment i began the experiment, i couldn’t help but feel anxious.
i was nervous, and scared.
i was excited to see what waited on the other side
I felt the medicine start to take effect, my heart slowed down, and my eyes began to feel heavy.
I specifically remember seeing a darkness surround me.
i felt a numbness in my body,
i felt nothing, yet everything.
I would be lying if i said a part of me wasn’t regretting putting my life on the line,
and for a second there,
i wanted to end the experiment, but i knew it was already to late.

As the darkness surrounded me, it was just like i had always read.
Your life flashes before your eyes,
all the pains, and suffering of my life suddenly became lessons, and growth.
I saw how every action shaped my life, and impacted not just myself, but everyone around me.
I understood everything, i saw everything, and
i realized the we have the power in our minds to shape our reality, we are all energy.
I felt a peace in my heart, and was surrounded by light.
My eyes were completely closed now,
but my sight had never been clearer.

I was standing over my own body when suddenly the light went away,
and darkness took its place.

It brought with it a sense of suffering, and pain.
It was sucking up everything in its sight,
every object, and energy in its way.
It soon reached me, and i was dragged in.
I was consumed,
i felt, and understood all the darkness of the world.
Heaven, and hell is just a representation of higher, and lower energies.
If one dies not in peace with themselves, or the world,
one stays on lower dimensions after death.
If one lives a positive life, filled with consciousness,
they will move to a high dimension after they leave the physical world.
I was one with the energies of dark, and light,
i understood the balance, and consciousness of creation.

The darkness suddenly started to dissipate, and i was back in my office,
except it seemed like a different time.
My body wasn’t there, and there was trash everywhere.

I felt like i was in another world,
it was something like from the movies.
As i walked towards the doors, i saw smoke through the windows.

I grabbed the door handle, and i pulled it back,
i almost couldn’t believe what i saw.
There was destruction everywhere,
young kids on the street crying, and fighting.

As i walked down the street, a little girl grabbed my attention,
she was sitting under the only tree in sight, and for some reason she was the only one that noticed my presence.
When we made eye contact, i waved at her but she just stood up and ran.
I followed her, and suddenly i then found myself in front of a big corporation factory.

There was garbage, and wasted resources everywhere.
It was so toxic, that workers were required to wear suits,
and civilians were recommended to stay away.
This was not a world i recognized, tears came to my eyes.
The little girl now came closer,
she said to me “ you're not from here, are you? “
I honestly said “no”,
she then asked me if i was an angel, i curiously asked her why she thought that.
Then she said something that shocked me, she said “ because the whole world has fallen under the destruction of darkness, and there is still hope in your eyes”

I didn’t know what to say,

i asked her “what do you mean the whole world has fallen under darkness?”
She then proceeded to tell me how in 2039, corporations joined together to oppress the knowledge of the mind, destroy love, and create a world of slaves. They took control of all food, water, and resources. They killed anyone who didn’t join them, and invaded any place that tried to stop them.They separated the people, and created a system of destruction.

She told me how they manipulated hatred into the minds of the people,and how now they would fight each other for resources, and food, instead of uniting to create peace.
The little girl then hugged me,
she said in happy tear “ i knew you would come”.
Apparently when the war first broke out,
she received a message in her dreams that said, one day you will meet a woman that shines pure light from her eyes. She will feel your pains, and she will help the world.

Suddenly i felt a sharp pain in my chest,
I fell to the ground, and the little girl ran away for help.

I saw once again the light returning, it took me away.
I was once again over my body, and the machines were going off.
The minute was over, and the experiment had been a success.
When i woke up,
i stood there, recollecting everything that i had experienced,
it was all so clear.
I knew why i was here,
why we are all here.
we create balance, we sustain love.
There is a war against humanity, and i had seen it with my own eyes.
I never expected this going into the experiment,
but i have a new quest now, the mission of life.

About the Author: 
Hi there, my name is Kristina Isabella Matajira. My passions are filled with learning, sharing, and growing. Many things inspired this story, but mostly its a reflection of my journey to seek truth, and freedom.