Existential Entanglement

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It all began and ended with an atom. Adam was like every average person. Born into a life unknown, forced to thrive within the essence of existence. He is subject to a complex life revolving around the simple rules and regulations of biology, ‘sex & food’, just like everyone else. Like most people, he became entranced with the idea of living a happy and fulfilling life. For most people happiness is driven by the pursuit of family, travels, or success. A select few are driven by discovery, and Adam was one of these people.
Growing up, Adam found a particular interest in life sciences. He was curious about the internal, invisible, and magical universe that governs life as we know it. Success in his studies led him to graduate school where he focused on molecular biology. His graduate work focused on the implementation of a globalized healthcare initiative centered on functional genomics. The grand application of his dissertation project yielded a global cloud storage system for genomes initiating personalized medicine. People all over the world started getting their genomes sequenced and uploaded to the cloud. Just as Adam’s career started to take off he became bored and unfulfilled with his life. Because Adam still possessed youth, other forms of happiness driven by humanities primal upbringing started to influence his life. He slowly let his dedication to discovery dissipate as he became overwhelmed with the want to “experience” life. As Adam’s company, Omniome, continued to thrive Adam began wondering around the world searching for meaning.
One night while sailing, Adam came across a small chain of islands. One of the islands had a slight flicker of warm soft light immerging from the beach. Being an inquisitive person Adam decided to investigate. He took a small rowboat to shore where he came across the most beautiful creature, a woman. He joined her on the beach and shared his life story. Eve was the woman’s name; she was from a small town not too far away from where Adam was raised. She explained that she dropped out of school and took it upon herself to “experience” life by exploring. She loved the beauty of the unknown and the many wonders the world had shared with her. Although her education wasn’t formal she seemed to have become extremely well versed in the ways of the world. Adam had never seen someone so different yet so similar to himself. Adam extended the invitation to join him on his expedition around the world. Eve was more than elated to join. It was only a short time before they fell in love. After the allure of endless travel slowly tapered off, Adam and Eve returned to his home where he went back to his conquest of the pursuit of knowledge.
Years passed and Adam and Eve conceived a child, Jane. Jane was the apple of their eye and it wasn’t long before she was walking, talking, and beginning to fall down the rabbit hole of discovery herself. Jane ventured to college to follow in her father’s footsteps hoping to one day take over her fathers company and help the progression of humanity. By now the realm of medicine was dominated by Omniome technology. Everyone had personalized prescription drugs, treatment regiments, and therapeutics. The efficacy of every treatment was rationalized from an individual’s DNA.
Time passed and so did Eve. Her death slowly drove Jane into madness and torment. She continued her father’s work with a hidden agenda, immortality. Jane wanted to utilize the advancements made in genomics to generate an immortal reality. Bringing about molecular reconstruction and regeneration could result in an unrestricted existence. Boundless life would be the ultimate achievement.
After years, and years of high-throughput data analysis she had made her discovery. She was able to eloquently engineer molecular components providing a stopper to death. Ecstatic with her discovery, she brought her findings to her father. Adam was more than pleased with her scientific triumph, and even more excited for what humanity had in store. While Jane finished up the remaining components of her outstanding discovery Adam had a moment of reflection. He remembered his wife and the way she went about her day-to-day life. He especially reflected on the beauty in the simplicity of nature and her existence. After consoling in his past he came to a personal crossroad. Bringing immortality to humanity provided the possibility of unforgivable consequences. As soon as immortality would come to fruition, it would bring about endless discovery and a limitless view of the universe. This could bring about the simultaneous understanding of meaning of everything. Bridging the mechanics of the universe could inhibit time’s existence and the paradox of our reality. He slowly murmured, “The moment we become forever, forever no longer exists”.
She drafted a statement of her discovery on an email. The message was to be sent to major news groups in effort to share the details of her discovery. Understanding the implications of this discovery Jane decided that she would entrust her father with the responsibility of revealing their secret. Every Sunday night after dinner they would go to the dining room and debate on sending the message. He would have the email on a monitor on the table, ready to be sent. Every Sunday he would stare, never relinquishing eye contact with the screen. This continued for an entire decade. Now an old man, and an older daughter sat in a room every week, like clockwork. Routinely he gazed upon the screen knowing his own death was inevitable and near, yet he persisted.
For the first time he looked up and gazed upon his daughter, and almost without true thought slammed his finger down on the monitor and sent the message. The stars in the sky went black, and everything became nothing. The limit of nothingness and nothing was and is everything. Just as everything came from nothing, eternal existence was shadowed in the endless dark of the beginning. ‘Bang… silence’.

About the Author: 
Michael is a graduate student at Colorado State University. His work is in the field of plant molecular biology. His research goals intend to aid global food and energy securities. In his spare time he enjoys craft breweries and the outdoors. It's all about the fun and games.