Eve Rising

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In a quiet café on the northern side of the city, Michelle Dietrich was enjoying her coffee while nonchalantly, indulging in her favorite hobby. Breaking through the firewall of a Neo Nazi organization called Die WeiBer Reiter, to expose their members’ personal information, in what is commonly known in the hacking world as doxing. A hacktivist at heart, she existed in shadow and under special protection, as she was the daughter of France’s most respected conservative statesman.
The morning couldn’t be more ideal, the sun peeking through the clouds, the sounds of joyful children playing by the fountain, birds singing and to top it all, the coffee was perfect. “Will there be anything else madam?”, the waiter inquired. “Nothing more, thank you.” She paid the check and gathered her things, in preparation to leave. A short distance away a biker began revving his engine, which immediately drew the attention of her security detail. With a single nod, one of her bodyguards stepped aside to investigate the racket, while the other guard escorted Michelle to the car. As they walked a shrill tone emitted from Michelle’s laptop, causing everyone to cover their ears to the deafening sound. A second later, the car erupted into flames in a massive explosion that knocked Michelle and the bodyguard out.
At a restaurant a few feet away, the crowds rushed outside to see what had happened. Everyone except one. The man raised his cell phone to his ear and uttered two words, “Blue Skies”. Then immediately cut the call, took out the back panel and removed both the sim card and battery. He paid his tab and put on his hat and sunglasses, before leaving the restaurant. Walking a short distance, he clipped the sim card in half, threw it into the trash and continued on.
“The test was a success, everything worked out perfectly”, said the man in the dark suit. “The council is very impressed with the work you have done Dr. Vladimir and wanted me to convey their absolute faith in moving this project forward.”, he continued. “Spasibo! Our success is a reflection of a collective team effort.” Dr. Vladimir replied. “We can no longer ignore the treat looming at our doorstep.” “Agreed”, replied the man in the suit. “And in light of that view we will be moving into the direct action phase. You are insulated doctor, you and your teams, as long as neither learns the truth of this research. Even so, we have protocols in place to deal with any possible fallout.” “I will leave that up to.”, Vladimir replied. The men parted ways, as the sound of an approaching train steadily rose in the background.
Scott Ian, woke up and sheepishly looked at the clock, before jumping out and exclaiming, “I am so freaking late!”. He rushed to get dressed and grabbed his backpack as he headed out. A notification popped up on his phone, “Breaking News: Daughter of prominent French politician, narrowly escapes assassination attempt.” Scott ignored it as he reached the bus station just in time to hop on the arriving bus. When he got on and found himself a seat, he swiped on his phone to get into the notification. “Oh my God!”, he exclaimed. “They actually did it.”
The projector lit up and the presentation began. The silhouette of a woman appeared to the side of the screen as the slide showed the front page of the newspaper. “As you all know by now, Project Awakening, has been a complete success.”, she said. “Eve is no longer a bystander as per the old world laws of Quantum Cryptography.” The room erupted into applause and she paused for a moment. After a while she continued, “What was once unimaginable has now transformed into reality. Our actions represent a seismic shift in way we move forward from here on. That being said, let us proceed to the question on everyone’s minds. How did we achieve this?”
“Before we get into that…”, a voice interrupted. “I’d like to know who authorized the inclusion of an Intercept Protocol on the operation. I thought we were all in agreement it was too risky for our hand to be seen in all of this.”, he concluded. A second stern voice immediately replied, “I authorized the action.” It was the voice of Dr. Vladimir. He continued, “I assure you all precautions were taken and our scrub teams have verified our hand remains unseen. Furthermore, this matter is closed as the council has approved of our decisions. Now let us continue, as time is not a luxury we have at the moment.”
Scott fumbled in the dark to find his way to the front. “Ah! Mr. Ian glad you could join us”, the speaker remarked. “Although in all fairness, yours was the crucial discovery that led to this breakthrough, so I suppose a measure of lenience can be afforded.”
Scott took the stand, rummaging through his papers. Then after a moment of composing himself, he spoke. “As you all know this project required us to go against the established no-cloning theorem. In order to achieve this, we utilized photon replication to bypass the missing photons intercepted in the communications. Over time we were able to negate the delays in transmissions. However, we still had high instances of errors as the replicated state was not accurate and as expected photons were altered due to our interference. This was remedied by our research that led us to successfully achieve a Quantum Zeno effect, to a degree. This gave us sufficient data on the original state, thereby allowing us to enhance our replication to create the perfect clone. Now the last challenge that we had to overcome was to produce results that were both accurate and transmitted through the most diminutive measures of time, to avoid detection or a lapse. This is where many AI models fail, all except the one. Ladies and gentleman, I give you the perfection of AI – B3R3.

About the Author: 
My name is Dreznik Xerakof and I am a writer and poet among many other titles. I enjoy the challenge of compelling storytelling, which I believe hinges on the crucial component of a remarkable concept.