ET Foam Hone

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The initial reports were confused. Deep space radar had detected an object decelerating as it cleared Saturn, skimming above the rings. Actually, it was the Dark Survey Telescope that saw a bright blip that was not where it should have been, moving under the influence of gravity, on its third night inbound from Jupiter. Although the object itself appeared to be cloaked, or perhaps just invisible due to an extremely low albedo, a pulsing jet of polarized UV photons had been discovered by satellites scanning out of the plane of the solar system. The public eagerly followed the story as the object slowly arced in a direct line toward the earth, and, by the time it reached the moon, could be seen to be a clearly artificial round oblong angled craft.

The steady stream of indecipherable ones and zeroes, remix of old tv programs, and complete silence from the craft did little but invite rampant speculation about the purpose of its occupants.

At first, the response from world governments was surprisingly organized. A low-key rise in military alert levels, a quick convening of expert panels, and a media blitz to assure the public that, despite the conflicting reports, preparations for a historic first encounter were well in hand. Then the US president gave a speech from his underground bunker, sitting calmly behind his desk in the Oval Office, to congratulate the French people as ambassadors of Earth after the landing in Paris while assuring all nations that, assuming the craft stayed on course, he would warmly greet the aliens on behalf of our species and our world the following morning.

The attack came as a complete surprise, as the aliens, who looked exactly like we had never expected, were so peaceful and open. The military never had a chance as their weapons could not penetrate the order to stand down and provide an honorary escort as individual aliens toured the world great cities and natural wonders.

Then, one day, it became clear that the three, not ten, aliens had always made an emergency landing in New York State, along the Susquehanna river, just north of the border with Pennsylvania. There, after briefly meeting with or just missing the US president as he rushed in from Washington on Air Force One, they visited with Gary D. Sanders, age 57, in his hospital room. Having been clinically dead for nearly four minutes after a car crash three weeks before, Gary had missed the bright flash of an explosion in the asteroid belt that had announced the aliens" arrival. For three weeks he'd drifted in and out of consciousness, suffering the world's delusions, before the doctors had deemed him fit enough to accept visitors. It had become clear then that the aliens had not been asking to be taken to our leader, or to our cheese muffins, but to our ‘observer’. Gary it seems.

Once the cat was out of the bag (box?), the aliens were quick to explain and apologize. Their quantum drive had become misaligned, shifting it entanglement vector from the foam of collapsed dimensions into normal space, thereby drawing the entire solar system into a single phase-coherent quantum system. Without an external referent, they had been able/unable (one word) to make repairs. Until they found Gary, who, by not being at the crucial moment, was able to observe their progress in shrinking the sphere of their engine's entanglement and squeezing it back into the proper dimensions. Thus Gary became out first quantum hero, the aliens continued their journey, and we know we are not alone in the universe.

And, as is often the case when things start out being confused, it has become obvious in hind-site what really happened.