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I flopped down into the chair across from the monitor, holding number 104 of the Dr.’s revelations. Sighing, I glanced at the calendar and began recording. “This is Overseer Quin C. commanding officer of USUN Starship Acheron. Date is March the…the…honestly does it even matter anymore?” I sigh longer and louder than before while propping my feet up on the desk to where they take up more of the screen than my face; don’t want the boys back home to see me cry. “Um, as I was saying, still trying to escape the Equilibrium. Been out here for a pretty long time now. Haven’t received any transmissions from Earth…or sister ships Lethe or Styx. Haven’t gotten word to start the machine, but by the late Dr.’s understanding we should have set it off months before the Equilibrium started…I had the papers around here just a moment ago…”
I leave my chair to pretend to search for the rest of the document. I had lost the other half to this particular research a while back ago. I don’t know how long it’s been missing, but it feels like eons. “I really just need a minute,” I breathe. I walk away from the camera, and stand so my back faces it while I shuffle through drawers upon drawers of the old memos- lovingly called revelations- the Dr. left behind. We have so many filing cabinets on this ship. Before I was in charge of them, everything had been nice and organized, but I don’t operate quite like that. The Dr. did. It has been nearly fifteen years since the Dr. died, and he was the last to go. I have been alone in this ship for what feels like twice that long. Dr. said it would be like that once Equilibrium began reaching the particles around me. “Ah ha!” I said genuinely surprised since I had actually stumbled upon the other half! Tears welled up in my eyes again at the sight of it, but now is not the time to lose composure. I make my way back to the chair and flop down once more.
“I quote,” I pause to clear my throat for effect, “ ‘in, conclusion, if this machine is going to kick start a new pure state of the universe, we would have had to initiate it back when there were particles in pure states.’ End quote. He had also predicted something like this is another one of his revelations marked 124. More will be disclosed as I figure out what the hell he means.” I stand up again, but this time to go and get some water. These transmissions remind me how fleeting resources are becoming. Time is fighting against me, but I am really thirsty. A quick glance around the room informed me I had misplaced my canteen somewhere else on the ship. Turning back to the monitor, I pointed at the camera, and stated “I’ll be back” in the best Austrian accent I could muster, thankful for yet another break from the ever-expectant camera.
I was fairly certain that my canteen was still in the mess area, so that’s where I went first. My steps sound so empty. “Well, duh. No one else is here…” I mumble. With the mess hall search coming up short, I made my way to the barracks. Back when the Dr. was here, there was still this mess. We would sit up for hours on end puzzling over his ideas and experiments. It took him years to explain the Equilibrium to me, which was the sole reason for this mission. The universe had entangled every particle, and started to act as a whole rather than through individual pairs. Energy began to stagnate throughout the universe as a result. Anything exchanging energy became obsolete. Thermodynamics took note of this, and started asking questions of quantum physics to understand Equilibrium, and stop it from happening at all. To our horror, we found out it had begun long ago when we first began smashing quarks away from their gluon confines. We pleaded with the universe to give us a different answer, but all it had was destruction. There will be no need for stars or worlds or humans or life at all once the Equilibrium completes its trek across space-time.
One revelation stared up at me from the top of the massive piles of paper. Number 124. The Dr. mentioned this one often when we spoke. It states that only something separated from everything can be put in the machine. The only thing that isolated would have to be at the farthest edge of the universe, and everyone knew I wouldn’t make it that far. “God do I miss the Dr.,” I murmur, feeling tears sting my eyes again. “No use in getting dehydrated.” I wipe my eyes, and look for the canteen with a little more gusto. Pushing papers aside, I accidentally knock a whole stack over in front of me. Laying open before me is number 316. Unlike the other revelations, this one actually bore the last name of the Dr. John. It detailed much more technically the intricacies of the machine, and what state the particles needed to be in that went into it. “Alone, for at least a while, with nothing but the whole keeping it together…” Falling to my knees, I scoop up the note and hold it close to my heart as it beat from my chest. With new resolve, I stand, and make my way back to the terminal.
Leaning over the chair, I begin again, “I know what must be done. It’s been long enough…my particles…me…I’m in a pure state, or at least some of me is. This will be my last transmission. I am turning the machine on, and putting in as many pure particles as I can…as I am.” Taking a deep breath, I turn the camera off and head towards the compartment that houses the machine.

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I am currently an undergraduate student at Kansas State University. I enjoy creative writing, and do intend, at some point, to let this passion become more than just a hobby. For now, I am a dual major in English (with a teaching emphasis) and Secondary Education.