Enter / Exit

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People of all sizes and weights bustle to and fro, entering and emerging from the mall in a cloud of activity, moving like ants livened by electricity. I pull into a parking spot and reach to turn off the lights, only now realizing that the high-beams had been on the whole drive, and I had been speeding too. I broke the law, but I got away with it, no one was there to compare reference points. I’m in a hurry and don’t have time to think about it, I’ve got to get an anniversary present for Annie. I’m going to get her a silver handled mirror, to celebrate our first lightyear together.
I approach the entrance to the mall and watch as people enter and exit the revolving doors. They all seem to be in as much a hurry as I am. The revolving door swings rapidly in endless circles. I try to enter but the doors swing faster and faster blocking my entry. The speed of the door grows until it moves so fast that the edges of the door become solid, not even light can pass through it.
Giving up on the revolving doors I move down the building until I come to the push style double doors. I push one of them open and as I do a man walks in reverse through the adjoining door. In effect, even though I have opened only one door, I have entered both. I look behind me and see that the man who had passed me in the doorway is myself moving in reverse. Coming and going at the same time, traveling along time as if it was a highway.

About the Author: 
Jean-Paul L. Garnier lives in Joshua Tree, CA where he studies desert ecology and stargazes nightly. His work has been published in: SpeckLit, Eye to the Telescope, Aphelion, and many other webzines and anthologies. http://jplgarnier.blogspot.com/