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“I’ve got it!” I shouted. “It’s all about what you believe. You know, what do you think will happen?”
I wanted to make these mountains disappear. And so I…
“Dude!” What are you doing?!” My friend Dylan shouted. “The Mountains! They are moving.”
I couldn’t believe my eyes. I just believed, and it was so. The mountains, they were made of subatomic particles themselves. I just believed that nothing was there. That the horizon was empty space and…What kind of world was this? What was happening?
“Bro!” Dylan exclaimed. “You’re totally right. The ground. It’s gone. We’re floating.”
Dylan was cackling with laughter.
“O.K. man. That’s enough! Put the ground back. Now!” I said, throwing my college quantum physics textbook into the air.
“Just believe it man.” Dylan said. “Is your belief stronger than mine? Let’s find out.”
This was all too crazy. Dylan and I had simply come out to the valley ridge to decompress and get some fresh air. We had four finals in the next five days and it was safe to say we were not prepared.
“O.K. I believe that the world exists according to my mom and dad. You know, whatever they believe. We are hunks of matter. Newton and billiard balls and stuff. That’s the real world!” I shouted.
Thank Goodness. Right before our eyes the mountain range made its way back into our view. The ground filled out beneath our feet. I could feel and see green grass again. Wow. Reality felt good.
I grabbed a patch of grass with my bare hand and rubbed it on my face.
“Dude! That was crazy.” I said. “We have to be the first people to ever experience that.”
Dylan was silent for a moment. His bushy brown hair blurring his mystified face.
“You think its cuz…we’ve been partying all semester?” Dylan paused. “Like, do you think we understood it wrong? I mean I haven’t been paying attention at all. Maybe this isn’t what our teachers meant by The Act of Observation. Maybe like, we’re crazy. Dude. I don’t want to go insane. Things disappearing and stuff.”
Dylan’s paranoia began to rub off on me immediately.
“Dude! No!” I was feeling clammy, short of breath. “Dude! Stop! Are we? We’re entangled!”
Panic spread across Dylan’s face. “Calm down man. Take some deep breaths. Calm down.”
We both began to breathe deeply, from our bellies.
“Bro. We are linked now. What you do affects me, and what I do will affect you.”
“Bro. Your mind is pretty dirty.”
“That’s your mind.”
“No Bro. That’s…”
“There is no way to tell whose mind is whose anymore!” I exclaimed
“Oh man.” Dylan said. “We are insane.”
“Dude. Insane people don’t know they are insane. That’s what makes them insane. Listen.” I said. “We just have to believe were sane. And we will be.”
“But…bro. By your definition, that would make us, like, insane!?”
“Ahh!!” I said. “You’re right!”
Paranoia was creeping back in. We sat there two best friends, in an open field, completely lost. Unable to move.
“Dude. Text Alice and Bob. Tell them they have gotta come pick us up. There’s no way we can drive back to campus. We are incoherent.”
“Ahhhh!!!” We both exclaimed.
Before I could even get out my phone. Alice and Bob were pulling up in their Van.
“Dude! We must be leaking information.” Dylan shouted.
“Alice! Bob! How did you know we were here? I was just about to text you.”
“That’s so weird!” Alice said smiling. “Bob and I were just thinking about you guys in the Van.”
“It’s true.” Bob said. “And I found a pair of dice on the ground before we left. I am eleven for eleven on guessing my own toss. You guys want to play?”
“What the heck?!” Dylan and I exclaimed at the same time.
“Whoa.” Bob and Alice said. “You guys are like, in sync.”
“Ah!! So are we.” Bob and Alice stared at each other intensely. “What is happening?”
“Wanna see the mountains move?” Dylan asked.
“Dude stop it!” I said, almost in a panic.
“Don’t panic man! You’ll make us all get crazy.”
“I feel…strange.”
“This is so random.” I stated.
“Are we awake? Is this a dream?”
“There is no way to tell, with certainty. It’s all…uncertain.”
Bob spoke up. “Yeah but there is one constant, right. There is at least one constant. Something we can hold on to. There has to be.”
“I don’t know man. I haven’t been paying attention at all in class.”
“That’s the whole problem! That’s why there is so much strangeness!” Alice shouted. “We don’t have all the information!”
“Grab your text book.” Dylan said. “The one you threw in the air.”
I was already reaching for it before he had even finished speaking. I opened it up to page 131. Many Worlds Theory.
“Dude! We must have tapped into an Alternate Universe!” We all shouted at the same time.
“How do we get back?”
“Get where?”
“We’re Here.”

About the Author: 
Michael X Christopher is an independent author from Southern New Jersey.