Diving Deep and Flying High

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Imagine just…. for a split second at least…..that it is all so vastly different than what your imagination can fathom and that the immensity of it all leaves even the best science fiction feeling as flat and sensation-less as white printer paper. And within that vast ocean of space that exists between what we think to know about reality and what actually is…….. our body-less, space-less and time-less higher minds sail through infinity and back into it, floating in vivid colors, as the dripping rainbows and geometric patterns morph into the fabric of the cosmos, and the prism colored glass libraries, filled with the knowledge of ancient wisdom beam expansive rays of eternal light in all directions, and drops of vivid pinks and vibrant blues and peaceful greens stretch into streams and spin into spirals. There is nothing to grasp, you float free, fluid as water, smooth as oil, flowing, only air, nothing solid, just gliding….as a bird, as a leaf, as a snowflake…as a conscious mind harmonizing with the gentle breeze of a spring afternoon; lights, colors, and pure consciousness.

Then suddenly a BuzZZZ goes off and your thoughts turn sour, your vibrational frequency plummets and a heavy feeling sets in……….…AHHHHHH!!! Was it a Dream? Or was it a “dream”? Which one was it? What is the one before the BuzZZZ? Or was it the one after the BuzZZZ? Are you dreaming now or where you dreaming then?

At that moment you made one of two choices. You either followed the BuzZZZ, feeling as though you were living in hell on earth or you shut it out, and remained in that glorious experience of heaven on earth. Which did you choose? The choice was yours, wasn’t it? And how is it that you made that choice? Did you choose the program or did you allow the program to choose you?

If you allowed in that BUzZZZ, it was an unconscious choice. Your lower mind, undisciplined and unfocused ran on the program of unquestioned conformity and indoctrination, left you uncomfortably numb, spiraled you instantly into a vortex of fear, sucked you into the consciousness grinder and spewed you out, scattered, confused, frustrated and scared. It lead you rather than you leading it, and it left you believing in the illusion that happiness was something to be earned outside yourself through trudging, kludging, skludging, slugging and krudging. It filled you to the brim with fear and induced you into a state of sleep, half dead, in the “dream”.

Or, inversely, if you made the conscious choice to shut- out the BuzZZZ the program that ran was of cosmic order, you stayed wakeful in consciousness, lived in what felt like heaven on earth, floated in a borderless expanse with no resistance, just free and soothing… just beautiful…. And with the gates of your higher mind wide- open, you travelled through the vast ocean of vibrations, energies, and frequencies, where the colorfully painted and harmoniously designed mandalas breathed into and out of each other, contracting, expanding, and swirling, in the Dream.

Choice 1: the BuzZZZ Pierced into our head, filled your entire being with killer low vibrational frequencies, snapped-into place a paradigm of fear, filled you with negative beliefs, and you fell instantly, an emotional kamikaze, from infinite to nothing, in a split second, a sudden drop as if leaping from the empire state building with no parachute, landing face first into the pavement. And…. nothing strange… Just “facing reality”……..

Choice 2: BuzZZZ-less you stayed aligned with source, with your inner power, with your authentic self and you realized that your state of being was a conscious choice and had nothing to do with circumstance. You flew high, dove deep, and resonated with all other like vibrations of high frequency. You knew that within yourself was the real power, the power to choose your thoughts and feelings, just as you would change a disk if you don’t like what’s playing, or change a station if you don’t like the programming, you change your thoughts if you don’t like what’s unfolding into your “reality”. You understand the wisdom of TransforStation, the empowering marriage between your inner transformations and your outer manifestations. And you feel a certainty, a knowing, that you are the powerful creator of your reality.

And in that instant of making a conscious choice……you become aware that the multi-dimensional reality was always there, you just could not perceive it until you did…. until that moment that you stepped out of the “dream” and into the Dream….

It is this quantum leap in thought, this paradigm shift that allowed us to finally see that reality was not that muddy greasy puddle we used to see in the “dream”, but is rather the vast ocean of energies, frequencies and vibrations that we now see in the Dream. And we understand that we are all, each and every one of us, cosmic beings with our own gateway to infinite intelligence, where possibilities are endless, where what we focus upon, with feeling and thought, becomes our reality, and that we are one with the whole and the whole is one with us. And we finally understand that in consciously choosing our thoughts we deliberately create the reality we desire.

So the next time that BuzZZZ pierces into your head………Will you consciously choose the Dream or will you unconsciously allow the “dream” to choose you?

About the Author: 
Citizen of the globe, three nationalities and three University degrees, Caprice was born in Mexico, raised in Belgium until the age of 10, then lived in the United States (Florida, D.C., N.Y., Vermont, California and New Mexico), Jamaica, Paris, and Monaco. She is now back in Brussels Belgium.