Cool David

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David rinsed his dinner plate and then went upstairs to begin his nighttime routine. Doritos to the left, mouse to the right, and computer screen in front of him illuminating his ghostly face. He tried to remember not to sit hunched with his neck poking forward for fear that he might start looking that way permanently, like climbing ivy on a building that would bend and grow into the contorted position of a video game addict.

When David wasn't gaming he would lay in bed and listen to music while fantasizing about a high school life better lived. "Cool David" in his fantasies would never waste time on games. Cool David was busy getting girls, excelling at sports, and obliterating bullies with sarcasm. Cool David always knew the funniest and most charming thing to say in any situation.

While Regular David would replay the day's events through his head, Cool David would reenact them, and he would do a much better job of everything.

When the girl in biology class dropped her pen, Regular David panicked and tried to judge the distance between the pen and himself versus the distance between the pen and the girl, in order to decide who should reach down for it, thus avoiding looking like a total creep. But before he could decide what to do, she picked it up herself, making David look like a non-chivalrous waste of life.

But when Cool David relived the situation, things went better. Cool David swiped up the pen effortlessly and handed it to the girl while looking her directly in the eyes, like the brazen hero that he was. He smiled at her and she flashed a delighted grin back at him before sliding her hair behind her ear. Cool David did everything right. Too bad he was just a figment of Regular David's nightly imagination.

As David lay in bed completely swept away in his fantasies, a text beeped through on his phone.

Sergi: You went to the bonfire!?!? WTH dude

David didn't know what to make of this text. Of course he wasn't at any bonfire. He had been laying in bed daydreaming most of the evening.

David: What are you talking about?

Sergi: Your picture on Facebook...THANKS for the invite...

David quickly logged onto Facebook. Right in front of his face was a photo of himself and Jenna, a girl so extraordinarily out of his league that Cool David rarely even interacted with her, as well as other photos of his classmates and him around a beach bonfire making funny faces, devouring toasted marshmallows, and dancing around. It was him, his face, his body, his red hooded sweatshirt. It was incomprehensible. He read some of the statuses.

Having a blast!! -with David and 12 others.

Clearly he was having a psychotic episode so he shut the computer off, silenced his phone, and went to bed hoping that this confusion would wear off in the morning.

It didn't.

When he turned his phone on there was a text from Jenna.

Jenna: I had the BEST time last night! So glad you finally came out of your shell!

David thought that perhaps this was all some elaborate hoax and that his classmates had conspired to drive him insane by posting Photoshopped pictures of him. But why would they go to such great lengths to play a prank on him? He was uncool, sure, but he was not hated.

David finally made Sergi believe that he had not been to the bonfire when they were in the hallway between classes. The only thing that Sergi was unconvinced of was that this could be a prank. Sergi knew that their classmates did not possess the technical skills to pull this off since they could barely remember their locker combinations.

"It must be some kind of thought form you conjured up," Sergi said.

"A what?" David asked.

"Is there a part of you that wishes you were hanging out with the cool people?" Sergi asked.

"Well yeah, I wonder what it would be like sometimes," David said.

"Do you think about it a lot?" Sergi asked.

"Yeah..." David admitted.

"It looks like you created a cool version of yourself, way to go," Sergi said and then walked off unamused.

People smiled and nodded at David the whole day as he passed through the halls.

The next weekend there was a dance and David wondered if Cool David was planning to attend. He laid in bed that night scrolling through Facebook and anxiously awaiting any sign that his doppelganger showed up. And oh, did he ever. He was all the rave in his salmon-colored suit with Jenna by his side.

As much as Cool David seemed like a great guy, he had to be stopped. It seemed as if Regular David's very existence depended on it. David knew exactly where to find him next; Jenna's birthday party was the following weekend.

David walked into her party as if he was invited and the whole house was roaring with music, people shuffling around, and drinks spilling.

"Dude, did you change your outfit?" someone asked as he walked by, but he ignored them and kept walking through the house.

David knew that Cool David must already be here, and in a much cooler outfit.

After searching the whole house, David opened up the side door which led to the garage, and there he was. Cool David was rummaging through a refrigerator for something to drink. He pulled out a bottled water. Apparently he was keeping fit. They made eye contact. Things felt blurry. David wasn't quite sure where he ended and where the other David began. This feeling lasted for a few moments until Cool David simply vanished.

Jenna walked in, perhaps wondering what was taking her boyfriend so long. David could not think of any words to say so he grabbed Jenna gently by the waist and planted a kiss right on her lips.

It was

The End

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