The Cat In The Box

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It was a glum night. Fog rolled over the hills and wolves howled at the round moon. Erwin Jr. wished to howl at the moon, too. He longed to be out there, with everyone else. It got very lonely, living as a house cat, in a hypothetical state of being. He was nothing more than an imaginary pet - a discarded one at that.

He had a lot of rage in his heart, Erwin did. You would too, if you had seen the things he's seen.
It all started and ended with that man and his box. Oh, how Erwin II wanted revenge on that man. Oh, how he wanted to induce a half-dead, half-alive state upon that man, as that man had done to him.

Do you know how painful it is to live with poison coursing through your veins?
Erwin II did. Pain was a friend of his.

Erwin smiled. It was a joyful night, for Erwin Jr. had a plan. And so, he howled with the wolves (even though dogs are closely affiliated with wolves and Erwin the Second is most certainly NOT a dog.) and prepared a man sized box.

And Erwin waited ever so patiently for the man to come home from work.

About the Author: 
Emma Carlson is a thirteen year old ninth-grader who is fascinated by words and science.