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March 25, 2027 21:11H

Today marks the first clinical trial for tumor removal, by facilitating quantum teleportation of the tumor from en vivo to in vitro. I, David Patel, a medical intern, is fortunate enough to witness this momentous event. I could still remember the first day I met the patient. He is "Jack Choco" a chronic alcoholic man who contracted hepatocellular carcinoma, a brain tumor, and to complicate things HIV & Hep B. The complete diagnosis was made using genetically modified magnetostatic bacteria Bilophococcus zafraeus A15O strain. These bacterium has high affinity to cancer cells. Their movement throughout the body is guided by weak magnetic pulses from magnetic resonance machine? The bacteria colonies grow and stored in dark brown to black liquid reagent at 5 degrees centigrade. It was warmed to body temp and was ingested by Jack Choco. The bacteria was maneuvered using Namagiri-3, the 3rd upgrade of quantum medical computer of the hospital.

bi-beep!! bi-beep!!

Oh! sh*t!!!

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March 26, 2027 00:50H

Jack Choco had multiple seizure and hyperthermia. Both have been unresponsive to the current dose of the medications. The brain tumor had a highly intricate vascular component that permits cerebral edema. B. zafraeus is still viable en vivo. They hadn't penetrated the blood brain barrier. But they are still surrounding the tumor.

The Namagari is an experimental quantum computer for medical usage. This is the 3rd upgrade, and so far, the fastest. The Namagiri-3 uses the principle of quantum coherence. The first commercial quantum computer made by D-wave uses silicon based material for the system to be programmed and for the user to interact, posing lots of manipulation thereby disturbing the quantum system. The 1st Namagiri, uses chlorophyll & protoplasts with spectroscopy. You feed data into the system using light pulses. The chlorophyll & protoplast do its "magical" quantum processing, then gives its output by through light reflections. The 2nd Namagiri uses magnetosomes. Artificial magnets provide the input, the magnetosomes alignment & pattern formed provide the output.

However, both of them use the "mouse & keyboard" to manipulate the system.

The 3rd Namagiri also uses magnetosomes as the core of its quantum mechanical processing, but the user provide input directly from his brain through f-MRI-like machine. It minimizes the need for complex algorithm. Whatever the user thinks, it will be immediately fed to magnetosome-quantum system and a readily output will be experienced by the user through magnetic neurosynaptic feedback.

I need some sleep now.

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March 26, 2027 15:35H

The tumor removal is a success. The tumor was sent to Pathology for immunostaining and PCR. Standard protocol. The tumor removal through quantum teleportation was done by Dr. Piotr Takahashi. It was a team effort. Jack Choco was placed in the operating theater. His head was firmly fixed with screws to prevent any subtle movement. He has neurologist, cardiologist, and anesthesiologist monitoring him. Dr. Takahashi is in the adjacent operating theater. His head is in the f-MRI-like machine. Another set of cardiologist and neurologist monitors his vital signs and neurophysiologic output. The post-anesthesia care unit was made into make-shift laboratory to put the Namagiri-3. Beside the quantum computer, is the bioreactor bottle for the tumor. Dr. Takahashi explained that he "ghostly" located the tumor in the patient's brain. Using the B. zafraeus, as anchor, the whole tumor was re-analyzed by Namagiri-3. Then in a span of 90 seconds, the tumor was teleported to the bioreactor bottle. Of course its not the end of it, Dr. Takahashi needed to perform hemostasis to the surrounding area of the previous tumor site using the magnetotactic bacteria. It took him about 30 minutes. After the OR, Dr. Takahashi was dizzy and slightly feverish. Using Namagiri-3, he basically identified all the information about the tumor details down to its atomic component, and then transferred these information to the bioreactor bottle; performing the quantum teleportation of the tumor.

Jack Choco is still unconscious, but he has stable vital signs. As for the hospital administration, no press conference will be done until the patient is awake and his condition is fully ascertain. But a mini-celebration of the success will start in a few minutes.

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I'm a medical doctor who have high interest in the medical application of quantum biology.